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And because this is our “About” page, let me give you a little background on how this here website began. We began CrazyUS as a travelblog in the summer of 2002. 2002 was also the year we [re-]earned the adjective, “crazy.” And here is why 2002 can rightfully call this family “crazy.”  See, David, my lovely husband was semi-retired. Oh, the years, they were good to us. And one day and said, “I want to buy a VW camper van that I found on eBay and drive it around the country. It is located in West Palm Beach, Florida. ” True Story. And yes,  as you imagine, my mouth was firmly agape.

Needless to say,  I closed my mouth, took a deep breath,  and we took the leap. In August 2002, we took our almost new VW camper van, our two young sons (Eli, eight months,  and Kyle, almost three), and traveled for eighteen months throughout the United States and Canada.  We loved our adventure. In truth, we only blogged a little, mostly letting our family know that, “yes, we are alive,” and, “no, we have not killed each other.”

Since then our babies have become teenagers, Dave built a giant house with his bare hands [yes, another reason to call us crazy], and I spent years reconciling my infertility [yes, I felt crazy]. As far as this here bog goes, I have covered many subject throughout the years, I promise my subjects will wander, and  likewise, I will not limit myself to hotel reviews.

With several stitches, a broken nose, a broken foot, a Copperhead Snake bite, and nearly losing Kyle in 2011 due to a rare illness (Stevens-Johnson Syndrome), we made it through.  Ultimately, as much as I love building houses, dealing with life-threatening illnesses,  and mommy blogging [don’t have the skin for it],

TRAVEL is and has always been my love.  Our blog started with travel, and here we are again.

Regarding Travel:

Here is the deal. We travel all of the time. We love on the path travel, and are also extremely adventurous. Disneyland has always been a favorite, and we won’t shy away from the occasional Kowloon restaurant adventure.  I am writing this very post while we are traveling. I am currently sitting in my bed on the twenty-second floor of the Vdara Hotel Las Vegas. In fact, just today, one of my friends said, “Beth you travel more than anyone else I know.” I think it is an addiction. When I talk with other travelers, they often say the same thing: “I cannot sit still.”

My friend is correct. As the backdrop, Dave and I fell in love almost twenty years ago with our shared [business] travel. Since then, we are always moving. We road trip. [You now know] we camper van trip. We stay-cate. We fly as much and often as we can. We see the world, one corner at a time.

I love it when Dave suggest a mileage run. And still cannot believe we flew to Hong Kong for four days this past Thanksgiving.

Our boys are older [teens], and at this point they probably know more about travel than I do. They are seasoned with  airport security lines. They know who TSA is and why they should not say words like, “bomb,” or, “gun” when the agents are nearby. The know where the Global Entry Line is, and they made sure we set them up with Pre-check. We have. Foreign travel does not phase them.  They love trying to speak other languages. They get a kick out of comparing their own reality to someone else’s. They have home-schooled on the road. None of us are fans, but they make it work. They can always find the nearest gelato place in any country. They can deal in all foreign currency. And are aware of how close the Euro now is to the dollar. The place they always ask to go back to is, Rome. I do not blame them. They are also big fans of Hawaii, Costa Rica, Southern Utah, and the Hong Kong Ritz Carlton.

I am asked a lot about travel. I am often asked to help others with their own travel. People know that Dave is skilled with miles, points, status matches, mileage runs, memberships, and really anything that maximizes your travel value. I completely support the insanity. And believe me, it is completely worth it. There is no way I would figure all these perks out without him. What I do is Rubric together Dave’s information. And then together we find the most intriguing destination that fits within our Rubric.

What you will find here:

Here you  will find information on our trips. Meaning I will not give you a straight travel review, and I won’t give you a mommy blog.  Simply put, we offer you our story, and then tell you how we made it work. Currently our boys are teens so you will get information about traveling with teens, and family travel.  Travel is entertaining. It is real life. The stomach flu will not wait until you get home, nor will marital conflict.  So for example here I would tell you about my and Dave’s epic fight on Palatine Hill while also including how we got into the forum. I like the combination.  We hope you do too.

Comments and Contacting Me:

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