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Last night I found myself talking on the phone. We had been trying to get ahold of each other for a few days and I was grateful she called. I know her, but not as well as I would like. She is the sister ...Read More

Taking Yesterday for Granted

or shall I say, “I didn’t know a good thing when I had it.” At this spot in time I think/hope I can be more objective when I look back at online communication’s early days. I think we all can. The facts are these: I really started ...Read More

The Deal is Off!

Our house in Park City fell through. The deal is off. What a crazy week it has been. This was/is suppose to be the year to figure things out. What I don’t think I realized when we hopped in our Eurovan a few months ...Read More

Face Plants

Two weeks ago we took the kids to feed the ducks at Lake Anne. Lake Anne is set around a 1970’s planned community. Consequently there are lots of heavy geometric cement seventies art and architecture. Kyle was fascinated with the fountains and sculptures and ...Read More

About Crazyus (Our first About Page)

We are the Adams Family. I, Beth, am the prominent author of this web site. Don’t be surprised if on occasion Dave posts. I love it when he posts. We have two beautiful sons, Kyle and Eli, whose escapades consume many of the words ...Read More