Happy February

What I did see (and maneuver), however, were several tetris-skill-inducing semi trucks in the opposite lane, life-ending narrow corners, death-drop embankments, third-world-styled washed out roads, cars coming straight at me (because that is how narrow the roads were). At some point, a sweet old ...Read More

Clearing My Head About Pain

"...I suspect you might want to hurl a knife at my eye, or better, if you are less violently inclined, you might mumble something softly under your breath like, 'bitch. I know I might." ...Read More

Why Should I of all people write?

I understand feeling invisible, totally uncool, and feeling less than. I really get it. I also know that it gets better, even when better seems absolutely impossible, and even when better means that it might get worse and then get better again. ...Read More

If You Are in Crisis, TEXT #741741

Earlier this week, a friend posted this: “I don’t have any answers but I do know this: (1.) death is just a doorway; (2.) it always gets better; (3.) love is the answer to all of our problems.”  ...Read More

Does it have to be the one who screams the loudest?

Moments ago I sat in the orthodontist’s office.  My oldest son was getting his braces off. His braces came off easily.  “Do you plan on keeping your wisdom teeth?” The dental assistant asked him. “Yes.” We both replied. “Well, they are coming in straight. ...Read More