Happy 18th Birthday, Eli: A Letter

Eli, Today you turned eighteen. Happy Birthday! I cannot believe we are here. I absolutely love being your mom. I love seeing how you and all your fellow young humans interact with the world. “Ok. Boomer,” indeed. I love how you love bouldering and ...Read More

A Long Road To My First Kiss

There I was, sitting in the windowsill. Everyone was laughing. I was laughing with them. I was home from my first semester of college, and by college, I mean Brigham Young University, a conservative, religious institution with strict rules of moral conduct. BYU students ...Read More

If Only I had a “LIKE” Button Attached to My Soul

Perspective, happy and healthy perspective of self, is not always easy to maintain, especially in a world where we arguably present (via social media), a false, or only partial version of our self. I have totally bought into this digital narrative. In fact, instead ...Read More

Poems I wrote this Summer

Introduction: Years ago I wrote poetry. Then, this summer, usually on an all night flight, I started to write poems again. I am wondering what I should do with these quirky little writings. Should I pursue poetry? I am still working on other projects ...Read More