About Crazyus (Our first About Page)

Us 2005

We are the Adams Family. I, Beth, am the prominent author of this web site. Don’t be surprised if on occasion Dave posts. I love it when he posts. We have two beautiful sons, Kyle and Eli, whose escapades consume many of the words on these web pages.

Of course this site fits into the whole Mommy Blog Genre. Why wouldn’t it? I am a Mommy. I would like to think that I am hilariously funny and totally clever. The truth; I am often overly-dramatic and PMS-driven. Remember that these are only glimpses into our life. I have kept a journal of sorts since I was a young girl. My Mom used to sit on the couch and write in her diary, and I think because I wanted to hang out with her, I started keeping one as well. (There were six kids in our Brady-Bunch/children-of-divorce, style family. One-on-one time with my mom was hard-to-come-by.) That said, I am glad for this record-keeping habit (Obsessive Behavior) she has instilled in me.

After leaving Northern Virginia, taking a year-off to travel in our VW Eurovan Camper (the initial reason we began Crazy Us, we landed back in Salt Lake City just a few blocks from where we lived before, a house that every time we drive by, Dave, me or one of the boys points out, “That is the house where Kyle was made.”

Our first web site (1998)(which we had no idea was a web log because I don’t think there was such a phrase at the time) was the now defunct, davyandbeth.com. I know, how cute is that–choke–cough–gag. We set the web site up for our wedding, and because we were planning a big move to Boston at the time, we wanted a central way of keeping in touch with everyone.

Dave and I are both Internet geeks and have worked for various startups, and we also worked for other companies in an Internet related capacities. In 1997 Dave (and, I guess you could say, me too) began Os News (a technology blog, if you will), which is his current primary occupation. You can read more about OS News and his career path, here.

Dave grew up in Rockville and Gaithersburg, Maryland. I grew up in Minnetonka, Minnesota. If you know anything about the Minneapolis area, specifically the western suburbs, more specifically, Lake Minnetonka, no, I did not live on Lake Minnetonka. I came from the other side of town.

I suffer from a huge chronic case of The Grass is Always Greener Syndrome, which has lead me to deep dissatisfaction with almost everywhere we have lived, only to leave these places and mourn them like a lost loved one, dreaming about the day I will return. Seriously, ask Dave. It can get really bad, especially during P.M.S. and pregnancy. (Consequently, I can’t stand Utah right now.)

I hope you enjoy this web site. If you don’t, well, the Internet is a big place.