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Poems I wrote this Summer

Introduction: Years ago I wrote poetry. Then, this summer, usually on an all night flight, I started to write poems again. I am wondering what I should do with these quirky little writings. Should I pursue poetry? I am still working on other projects ...Read More

Happy February

What I did see (and maneuver), however, were several tetris-skill-inducing semi trucks in the opposite lane, life-ending narrow corners, death-drop embankments, third-world-styled washed out roads, cars coming straight at me (because that is how narrow the roads were). At some point, a sweet old ...Read More

Clearing My Head About Pain

"...I suspect you might want to hurl a knife at my eye, or better, if you are less violently inclined, you might mumble something softly under your breath like, 'bitch. I know I might." ...Read More

Why Should I of all people write?

I understand feeling invisible, totally uncool, and feeling less than. I really get it. I also know that it gets better, even when better seems absolutely impossible, and even when better means that it might get worse and then get better again. ...Read More