8 thoughts on “Almost Ready

  1. Nice van. It symbolizes purity…..
    seriuously, please take me for a spin.
    I’ll let you borrow my deep purple smoke on the water 8 track.

  2. SO excited for you!!!!! I hope you can visit Bill and the boys on your way across the country!!!! The boys would be so excited to meet their cousins!

    Have a wonderful year and thanks for including me in your updates!


  3. I don’t see the uplink antenna… (I’m sure its coming.) Have a great trip, I’m very jealous as I sit here in NYC, thinking of the fresh mountain air and the peace that comes as you walk the trail. Best wishes!

  4. Scott will be soooo jealous. That is his van. You’ll have so much fun. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime for sure! Enjoy! Oh, and if you feel a bit tired when driving….pull OVER and REST. Trust me, personal experience here.

  5. Congratulations you guys. I’m so excited for you Easy Riders out there on the Western roads. We’re in NYC too of course, and it’s so tempting to get a hold of fresh air and open space….best of luck and stay in touch.

  6. That is NOT a 23 window split VW bus I’ll have you know!I received your package today.Very cool wall clock.Thanks much!I expect I’ll be seeing you sometime during your adventures.Call and drop by anytime.Later,David G.

  7. LOVE the vanagon…Can’t wait to see you guys if we happen to get to Utah at the same time. If not, come on over to San Diego and we’ll play! We’ll talk soon I’m sure…

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