The View From A Three Year Old

Kyle, Salt Lake City, UT
Kyle, Salt Lake City, UT

This morning, as I was getting out of bed, Kyle says to me in one breath,

“Does my friend ET in the movie have one finger isn’t that great?”

The other day Kyle wanted a snack. When I went to give him some Cheese Nips
I called them “Nips” because sometimes Kyle won’t eat things with dairy.
He ate one and quizzically stated,

“Actually Mom these crackers have cheese.”

Yesterday morning Kyle said as he spilled on himself,

“Oh dammit!”

I said,

“Kyle, why did you say that word?”

He responded, “That is what you say when things happen.”


“Daddy, do birds sniffle like we do?”

2 thoughts on “The View From A Three Year Old

  1. I just got through catching up with all of your posts. Sorry about the house falling through. That must suck. But I am so impressed by the stuff you’ve got about Kyle and Eli! In spite of all the chaos, you’re a great family, and you’ll be so glad you’ve got these great and hilarious things about the kids.

    We’ve been hearing “dammit” some lately, too, from our young’uns. Now they can be heard saying, “‘Dammit’ is a bad word, so don’t say ‘dammit.'” Ah, well.

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