A Conversation Between Friends

Quinn, Kyle and Eli, Fair Oaks, VA
Quinn, Kyle and Eli, Fair Oaks, VA

“When you are walking around, Quinn, you need to hold your Mommy’s hand,
because it is very dangerous. You will break into Pieces.”

Kyle says this as he paces the floor talking on my cell phone. He continues,

“What are you doing? What are you doing? –But we will fly on an airplane there. You can live over here now. Oh, I am. Quinn and Max are not flying here to where WaWa lives. They are flying to Californ-e-Lah and I am flying to Californ-e-Lah too. Wait for me on the Oport? Is that ok? Wait for me on the Oport? I get to come quick. Ok, I will come quick, ok. goodbye.”

(And he hangs up the phone.)


2 thoughts on “A Conversation Between Friends

  1. This one is here just waiting for a response from me. Bill told me you called today, and to look at the website.

    All I can think to say is that I love Kyle. I miss him. He’s an amazing person. Those guys are too funny at any rate. On my end Quinn is saying, “No, Kyle, you live very far away now. But you are coming to visit and you can stay here.”

    Can I just say that I’m not sure how much of this continuing conversation is really about them catching up and how much is an excuse to talk about an airplane, an airplane, an airplane? It’s like a mantra on this end.

    “You live far away now, Kyle, and so you have to take an airplane to come here, and if I come to your new house I will take an airplane. So Kyle can you come on the airplane tomorrow and we can play? I can come on the airplane tomorrow to your new house and we can play.

    Kyle, are you there?


  2. Please pass the shugar, shugar, shugar.

    Please pass the butter, butter, butter.

    Sorry I couln’t resist.

    Love ya

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