Movies – Kyle Takes His First Steps

Off of Skyline Drive, Shenandoah Mountains, Virginia
Off of Skyline Drive, Shenandoah Mountains, Virginia

We have an old movie of Kyle’s first steps (November 14, 2000 in Reston, Virginia), and since I was messing around with the iMovie 2 software today I made a new version of it. Hopefully it will be the first of several of our coolest movies to appear on this site.

Update: We made a movie and uploaded it to YouTube. Doesn’t technology rock?

3 thoughts on “Movies – Kyle Takes His First Steps

  1. What a sweet thing to see! Moira started crawling last week and it’s amazing to imagine her taking her first steps like Kyle. He looks so happy!! Love, Jen

  2. I think Kyle and Eli need to come stay with us. I miss them, and you and Dave could have a nice vacation maybe to Hawaii.
    Beth, you should be a writer. You write beautifully. Keep posting b/c I love to hear what’s going on with your family.
    I saw the pictures of the Park City house, very nice! Maybe, Justin and I will buy it, and you could come visit. Or even better, you can buy it, and Justin and I will rent the spare bedroom, and be the official babysitters. We miss you very much. Sorry we missed the Sundance Film Festival.

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