For Phil

Phil Jacobsen and Easy E
Phil Jacobsen and Easy E

For the last ten years I have enjoyed an extraordinary friendship with Phil. I used to hang out with Phil when I was in college, he flew out to DC to take our wedding pictures and now Phil is in Antarctica washing dishes.

The other day after dropping Kyle off at his Little Gym pre-school I struck up a conversation with one of the mothers. Low and behold about fifteen minutes into our conversation I connected the dots. “Does your husband have a brother named, Phil? Phil, who is currently in Antarctica? Phil?” Yes, the one and only.

3 thoughts on “For Phil

  1. just wondering. does phil sometimes write for the city weekly newspaper in slc? cos my friend emily has a sister who owns the dragonfly cafe in slc and one day there was an article in the city weekly about this cafe so i mentioned it to emily and then she said, “oh, it was probably written by phil. he writes for the paper and he comes to the cafe.”

    is this the same phil?

  2. Beth

    Tell “loserbus” i’m the same phil. I just don’t write for the city weekly anymore, because I’m in Antarctica. OH, yeah, and I got fired.

    I hope you guys got along, that’s super that you got together. It’s kinda weird he lives so close to where you used to.

    I’m on the Palmer Sea right now sailing on the Ross Sea crashing through 13 feet of ice. it’s like trying to sleep and work on a roller coaster. Hence, not a lot of sleep.


  3. hey phil:

    wow. small world, ain’t it? looks like we could all be playing ‘six degrees of separation from phil’. sorry about the bad experience with the city weekly. they made a huge mistake. you’re a great writer. i enjoyed your site and the salon article.

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