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Us During Our camper van Adventures
Us During Our camper van Adventures

I realize tonight (as I hide from my family) that I have not been very good about giving you the latest travelogue. I wonder who if anyone still reads this. Are you still reading? I have become lazy or something akin to lazy, say busy with two little boys.

Enough introduction.

Dave is down with the boys and I am listening to Kyle ask him to locate his missing dinosaur puzzle pieces. Yes, dinosaurs are the rage. Eli is choking on something and about five minutes ago the little guy got his head stuck between the refrigerator and the wall. He was so stuck that I was afraid to move him.

Obviously, I screamed, “Dave, come quick,”

as I held Eli in place so he wouldn’t really get hurt I continued,

“Dave, no really come quick. It is serious!”

By then Eli and I were able to wedge his big little round head free. Eli just hit his head again and I can hear Dave comfort him,

“Are you ok?”

I know that he is because I hear his angry grunt.

It’s 7:22P.M. MST and we have not left the house nor have I put clothes on since yesterday. I am wearing my pajamas and am counting the minutes till we all go to bed. What do you do when you are confined to the house with three sick boys? Earlier today my friend Rachael sent me one of those internet questionnaires. She is nine months pregnant and counting. I answered the questions and emailed the exercise to a few friends. One of the questions followed by my response segues into how our day began. It read,

little things that make me smile:

I responded,

In the middle of the night (last night) after Kyle was coughing. He sounded like a dying seal. Eli had a high fever and had just vomited all over me twice. Then the boys start laughing and singing songs,

“Old McDonalds had a farm. Eeeii Eeeii OH. Daddy, sing all the verses.”

It was one of those times I wished I had the video camera and guess what, I did.

Our day continued with many of the same highs and lows. I told Dave,

“I can’t do this anymore. I am leaving Utah with or without you.”

“Where are you going?” he asked.

“I don’t know.”

This conversation was followed by a high carb dinner of pancakes smothered in take-your-pick syrup or brown sugar accompanied by no less than one tablespoon of butter per pancake. With the carb and sugar fix Kyle and I proceeded to do temporary tattoos.

“Mommy can we do dinosaur tattoos?”

“Sure, there is only one left, but we can do the other tattoos.”

“Ok, that’s good Mommy.”

For about ten minutes I applied tattoos all up Kyle’s arms and on Eli’s hands…

I hear someone going through the cupboards and Dave watching a Daddy show. And then I hear,

“Hey, hey, hey, hey, HEY, what did I tell you about opening the fridge?”

“I just want an orange.” Kyle whispers. and continues, … “Mommy what are you doing up there Mommy?”

That is my cue. goodbye.