VW Eurovan Camper Life: A Many Part Series

I am extremely tired so I have posted some pictures of this past week. Just click on the word, “more.” I will begin to fill in the details tomorrow. In brief, we are still sick. The boys are very sick. My friend, Marianne came to town. We took her to Moab. On the way to Moab, I slammed Kyle’s hand in the van just after spending a few minutes with our friend, Mike Darne at The Little America Hotel. Kyle has a new friend. His name is buggy. See the pictures. So much more to say, but I said I was tired and I am. I will fill in the blanks soon.The Pictoral Story

Dave, the boys and Mike Darne
Dave, the boys and Mike Darne

Our Friend Mike Darne with Dave and the boys outside the Little America Hotel
(It was pouring rain and this was the best picture we could get.)

Kyle Hand
Kyle Hand


Kyle and Buggy
Kyle and Buggy


Kyle’s goof friend Buggy


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One thought on “VW Eurovan Camper Life: A Many Part Series

  1. Isn’t it a Rodgers rite of passage to smash an appendage in a vehicle door?
    I’m sorry life is crazy. But, hey who’d want to visit ho-hum r us?
    Soon you’ll find a place and plant some roots or something….
    Do you remember Nephi’s pen?
    Just trying to bring good cheer.
    love you

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