Back East

Kyle & Eli and their DC boys!

We flew to DC Wednesday night. Aside from Eli’s mid-flight, “Mommy, get off the plane now” panic attack, the flight went really well. Kyle was so well-behaved I forgot he was flying. Eli, dripping with sweat, wanted out of his seat and off the flight. It took a lot of coaxing and then he settled down.

We left Utah where it was about 80 degrees. We arrived here to the utter shock of about 40 degree weather. We stayed the last two nights at a hotel and will be going to Quinn and Max’s tonight.

Kyle, Eli & Wawa Celebrating Halloween Early

Kyle and Eli two nights before we left. We had Halloween with Wa-Wa (my Mom). Instead of knocking from the outside, she waited in our driveway while the kids knocked from the back door. We had treats in the yard. Kyle decided that he no longer likes his dinosaur costume. What will we do now?

Feel free to post because sometimes it is hard for us to especially send, but also receive email. I will update soon. I actually don’t even know how many people read this site anymore. For those of you who do, I will update soon.

Eli, the Sandbox Park

Eli at the Sand Box Park. Dave took the boys to the park the day we left so I could finish packing.

One thought on “Back East

  1. hope you guys are having fun out East. it may snow here on Friday! let me know if you need me to take care of anything at your house. i can stop by and make sure everything is okay.

    chuck wishes kyle could come and hide his tennis ball again. he hasn’t had that much fun in weeks.

    have a happy halloween.

    heather and jon

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