Broken Flowers: not the movie

My Mother’s Day Flowers from the boys

These are the beautiful Mothers Day Flowers Dave and the boys gave me. They were sitting on our kitchen table early this morning when I decided I needed to test my camera’s auto-focus. I ending up taking this picture on manual focus because I could not get the macro feature to work like it is supposed to. Damn Nikon D70! Nevertheless, I was really pleased with this shot.

Moments later and after I had put my broken camera away, I decided to pull out Dave’s big box of beads (Dave and his old girlfriend used to make jewelry and sell it at festivals.) He has had these beads and bead-making supplies in storage in hopes that one day we would make sweet jewelry together and this morning was that day. You see, last night, on our date, I bought some funky wooden beads to make a cool summer necklace. I couldn’t wait to get started so I set the big plastic bead box on the kitchen table alongside Dave’s laptop and my beautiful Mothers Day flowers.

I opened the big plastic box, looked through Dave’s assortment of beads and then gathered the beads I purchased last night. I found the fishing line, unrolled just enough of it and started to thread my special necklace. Kyle walked through the kitchen and stopped right next to my threading arm. He was so impressed with the wood beads and little glass beads and mostly how I was threading them that he wanted to figure out the pattern they were making.

Mom, see, you have one glass bead, one wood bead, then one glass bead followed by two wood beads. On and on it goes.

Seconds later as I was very engrossed in my bead-threading, I heard a clunk, clunk, crash, splash. Because I was so focused it literally took me five seconds to process what had just happened.

Mother’s Day Flowers

In my necklace-making glee I inadvertently knocked the vase right off the table.

As I looked at the puddle of water, flowers and broken glass, I was not sad, but glad that I needed to mess with my auto-focus moments earlier. Yeah! Yahooeee!

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12 thoughts on “Broken Flowers: not the movie

  1. i smiled when i read the last line because its when i experience moments like those that i realise i am getting better, and there is a way out


  2. Bethy,
    Where are you. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. I’m neither a mom, nor a fan of the mommy blog. But I love reading Crazy Us. You let me know it’s okay to be me, okay to have doubts, okay to worry about what is happening in the world, and okay to hate Tom Cruise. In fact, I would like to start a campaign boycotting Neutrogena as Kelly Preston (known Scientologist and wife of huge Scientologist John Travolta) is their new spokeswoman. After all, if Kate Moss can be taken off so many campaigns just for being a dumbass, surely fellow dumbasses should have to pay a similar penalty. Anyway, my point is, “how the hell are you? Where the hell are you? Damnit, I need by Beth fix.”
    All my best wishes,

  3. I will third the motion!
    (Yet as I claim my need for a Beth fix, I also respect the balance for this blog to be a release and joy for her, as opposed to a burden. Please just know you are missed, Beth!)

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