Adams Family Dilemma #437

Easy E

Kyle has been downstairs for a few minutes while Dave is downstairs on a scary business call. I go downstairs and find the basement incredibly quiet. I look and look and finally see a little light coming from the basement bathroom. I find Kyle. He is pooping. (um, I know some of you out there don’t care much for poop stories, but I promise this one is clean — wink).

Hey buddy, I was wondering what you were doing?

Mom, I am pooping. Will you stay down here and keep me company?

(As the words left Kyle’s sweet lips, I was thinking to myself about the fact that I really needed to run upstairs to the other bathroom so I could do what he was doing.)

Kyle, I really need to go and check on Eli. Here is some toilet paper. It’s just the right amount.

(You see, Kyle gets nervous about plugging the toilet due to the one time he did after using up a roll of toilet paper in one sitting. Argh! Where were his parents?)

Mom, there are ten squares. Is ten squares the right amount?

Yep, you will be good.

Great! Thanks Mom.

The millisecond I know Kyle is all right, I sprint upstairs towards the other bathroom where I am met by Eli.


Yes Eli?

I really need to poop.

And this is what I, as the mother, do when both boys need to poop: I wait.

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