The Boys Reston Town Center, VA

And this is why I have not been posting . . .

I am sitting hear in the kitchen amidst the strewn carnage of what was once my laptop. I can see the innards and I tell you what, they aren’t pretty.

You see, a few long days ago, my computer started acting funny. (Right now I am using Dave’s computer to write this.)

We thought it was my hard drive and because I have not backed it up in a long time, I thought that I had lost many of your emails and many of my photos. Dave spent two days trying to connect to my computer. Last night we threw our hands in the air and drove over to CompUSA and bought a new hard drive. Dave spent a few more hours taking apart my computer and installing the new hard drive.

Oh, did I mention that yesterday was our EIGHT YEAR ANNIVERSARY? We were too distracted to really care. He bought me flowers and I bought him new cereal bowls. Woo-hoo! I love you Dave. Instead, in celebrating, he was installing and I was staying out of his way. I felt so bad.

Finally, he came into our room and said,

“The NEW hard drive doesn’t work. The good news is that it is not your hard drive. We will eventually be able to get your pictures and email. The bad news is that your computer is hosed. I think it is your mother board.”

With that, I encouraged him to come watch a movie with me and celebrate our eight years together [wink, wink] and so we did.

If I owe you an email and I know that I owe many of them, now it is going to take even longer. I am praying that we can recover everything. I guess it just makes sense, my camera is already in the shop, so what’s losing the other most important gadget in my life?

P.S. I just had an idea. If you need to get ahold of me, post a comment.