“The Sun is the Earth’s lightbulb” Eli

The other day, we were standing in our front yard when Eli began looking up at the sky. That is when he stopped and I could see his brain wheels churning. Then he giggled:

Hey Mom, did you know that the Sun is the Earth’s lightbulb?

Of course I asked him if he learned this amazing fact on television and he giggled once more and replied,

Nope, I just thought of it myself.

Easy E

The boys have found their Halloween costumes and have put them on. I have just re-painted my toenails because I seriously smudged my hot and sexy pedicure. I don’t get pedicures often, but I wanted one for this weekend. Why? Because I bought myself a last minute plane ticket and I am going to Blogher. I still can’t believe I am going, but thanks to good people, I am. I am nervous and nervous to leave my boys. If you happen to be reading this and also happen to be going to Blogher, if you see me, please stop and say hello or drop me comment or an email. Sometimes I am shy and sometimes I am terribly deep in thought.

P.S. I have felt better this week. Oddly enough, my Yoda post really helped. Thank you all for your input. It really does make a difference.

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