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Women Who Snub

Snubbed. And by the way, Ouch! For me, and I am assuming most women, feeling snubbed is one of the most immediately painful reactions we ladies can have. As my husband beautifully stated, snubbing is one of the most effective ways a woman has ...Read More

Blogher-PaW-loo-ZAH 2006

Needless to say I left my camera in my hotel room all weekend long. With the sleep deprivation and estrogen overload, this weekend is kind of a blur. Of course I think I was the only person there who did not have her own ...Read More

“The Sun is the Earth’s lightbulb” Eli

The other day, we were standing in our front yard when Eli began looking up at the sky. That is when he stopped and I could see his brain wheels churning. Then he giggled: Hey Mom, did you know that the Sun is the ...Read More