Hello, hello, hello. Is there anybody out there?

I took a short break thanks to my lovely gallbladder (Gladys, may you Rest in Peace), a little at-home stress and the end of the school year frenzy.

After I send some teacher emails (no fun), Eli (home exhausted) and I meet my mom for lunch at new favorite Thai Restaurant, shop at Target (of course), hopefully not to forget to buy the teacher gift (I am co-room mom — yikes), take Eli to talent show Pogo practice (that boy can Pogo, I tell you what), pick Kyle up from school (who left this morning in tears and is sick), and a bunch of other stuff, I will post my latest post. In the meantime (these few short hours) let me know what do you want to hear about?

Thinking at the side of the water
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10 thoughts on “Hello, hello, hello. Is there anybody out there?

  1. I want to hear about whatever you want to share but also about your “mama heart”. You’re full of wisdom and experience as a wonderful mother of very charming boys and…I want to know how you get over heart clutches? Does that make sense? Love you Beth!

  2. Wow, Quel, you just made my day. I have a lot of things I want to say and hopefully they are coming from my heart! I am going to have to think about that one (heart clutches). What does they mean to you? I think I get it and short answer is I think you learn to live with them. Long answer is something I’d love to write about. Thank yoU!

  3. Welcome back! I ‘d love to hear your reflections on feeling terrible and how you helped yourself feel better.
    Would love a play by play from a pogo competition….I can’t picture it AT ALL!
    Is Target really ALL THAT? We don’t have one yet, but we will soon.

  4. Hey Erin! Thanks for your comment. I have been working on my reflections. Thanks for being interested. What a roller coaster! Seriously! Ah, the Pogo Competition. It is really an act in the talent show and believe me Easy E is good. I love his love of the Pogo Stick! I will definitely tell more. Target is and isn’t all that. I love it when I can get there and I make do when I can’t. At this point our world seems to be one big convergence of super stores. What stores do you have? Thanks again! More to come!

  5. otherB, what were you saying (ha ha ha. I couldn’t resist. Attention span of a fly, I have). I like how you think!

  6. I want to read any of your great writing, but how about recovering from your surgery; or, pogo (a whole new world to me); or your summer plans; or more travelogues.

    I have been busy myself with yet another move (two in 12 months). This one was only 2 miles but to our OWN house with a great yard, so it’s an AWESOME thing!! I was actually happily washing dishes last night, watching my hubby and son throw a football around at dusk. Happiness!

  7. Target is going to replace Zellers. They are similar, but not similar enough to be synonymous. I will miss Zellers. It is old school, more tasteful (sometimes even more affordable) selection than walmart and up until recently Canadian owned. But I’ve heard enough buzz about target to get excited about the newness too.

  8. Hi Andrea, You saw the gallbladder story and I need to write more. I am always up for my travelogs. Thank you for thinking of me [ as always 🙂 ]

    I am really excited for your move, even though it is a move in less than 12 months. Sounds very cool! Your evening sounds wonderful! It is nice to be in your own digs. Congratulations!

  9. Erin, I cannot promise that Target will replace Zellers, but I do like it so much better than Wal-Mart. You will have to let me know how the transition goes!

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