Ireland Day 1. We are hilariously tired.

Flying over Knock, Ireland   Do you hear my son whine-breathing? It has been a long day, which ended on an especially high note. Thank you, Declan and the gang!

  • Up at 5:30 AM
  • Remembering where DeAnne used her credit card last
  • Breakfast at Starbucks. Dave and DeAnne ate the leftover raspberries.
  • On our way to airport. Stopped at the Asda (Wal-mart-like) grocery to get some candy, and supplies.  My favorite was the pink ribbon straps on the package of mini-pads.
  • Goodbye Leeds. You really are a lovely city.
  • Ireland plans are a mess. Flight was delayed three times.
  • Chocolate – wet wipes (this is my grocery list).
  • Ahoy! My Period just started at the Manchester Airport!
  • Cold and Rainy in Knock. Feels cozy.
  • Flung my unused tampon under the stall next to me. Officially a first! Glad I had a spare.
  • Our Hertz rental had 924 km on it. I’d say we scored.
  • Did I forget to mention last night’s round of grateful? When we are tired and cranky there is nothing like several rounds of the gratefuls to turn things around. What you do is say start with Eli. He tells us one thing he is grateful for, then we move to Kyle and so on. Several of the rounds both boys professed their gratitude for electronics. I professed my gratitude for my headphones and Eli’s great sense of humor. I think Dave professed his gratitude that the food was coming so the gratitude game could end. Ok. I am just kidding about Dave. He was a good sport, and grateful for satellite mapping – (me too, btw.)
  • Canceled our Galway hotel reservation and I am grateful!
  • Walked around Galway. Lots of singing, lots of crazy, and a dude who lit part of his bike of fire for his street show followed by stating these words, “I need an audience and one way to get one is by lighting stuff on fire.” We laughed and did not stop.
  • I love Ireland! It’s rugged, passionate, and most awesomely wild!
  • Resetting at the Chi Asian/Malaysian bistro in Galway. Beyond delicious!
  • Boys are SO tired and are fighting like crazy puppies.
  • Apparently taking electronics away from the boys enables them to not only speak to each other, but speak kindly to one another. They also break into song. Adorable!. Just now they stated that they only wish  their fried Clara was here  singing with them.
  • Third time we’ve seen a tractor used as a car. This time the tractors was parked at the gas station that had a gluten free section. They tractor dude and his passenger were leaving when we were. At one point Dave exclaimed, “We better hurry, the tractor is right behind us.”
  • Without my glasses and with my terrible pronunciation I am slaughtering Irish words. I kind of like it. And of course all respect to the beautiful Gaelic language.
  • Mommy (that is me) scored on the hotel find. We are staying at the Ballinalacken Castle Hotel. I think Grandma may have shed a silent tear of joy.
  • And on that note, this long day is coming to an end.  It was a good one. And seriously I am so tired my memory is fading.  Loved sitting with Dave at the end of the long day and looking out onto the ocean.  We could still see the sky at 11:00 PM.
  • All you back home, enjoy our day! We miss you!

Trip, Day 10, by the way 🙂

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