Day Two, Ireland:  Warning Signs

Tiny Lake overlooking the Cliffs of Moher on a cliff

At the end of everyday I claim that I am beat. Today is no different. Yesterday we decided to cancel our Galway Hotel reservations.  We arrived and realized how lame our hotel was so we moved on.  The Ballinalacken Country House and Castle was something out of a movie. I only wish we could have stayed more than one night. So we, this Adams Family, had the brilliant idea that we could find another hotel near Killarney. We are currently in…wait. I do not know the name. Dave didn’t either and just looked it up. Ah yes, the town is called Glengarriff. It is an hour drive south of Killarney.  We drove through misty darkness and castle ruins on the side of the road. Because I hit today’s wall, I also pulled out my headphones.

We are hear and suddenly the internet is down. In hopes of keeping my goal I am still writing. Moments later: Dave stayed awake long enough to give his lady a little help. We are back online. Houston, do you read me? We are back online! High fives to that!

Bullets away for today:

  • Ballinalacken Castle tour. Abandoned coolness. In the moment I called it off-the-beaten-path magic. Who needs to pay the big bucks when you can find something like this?
  • Cliffs of Moher. Beyond amazing. The cliffs remind me of Kauai’s Napali Coast. They are rugged, severe miles of precipices. We feel lucky that we are here. As we walked from the parking lot to the cliff hike we discussed top tourist attractions in the world.  We think this is one of them. We also thing places like the Great Wall of China and Mecca are probably top spots. What do you think?
  • Ok, so of course at the Cliffs of Moher we saw billions of warning signs. I took pictured of them. If the internet every gets back and running fast than a slow snail’s pace, I will post them. In the meantime smattered throughout today’ bullets I present, “What the Warning Signs Mean.”  Here is the first: “Don’t moonwalk on fire when birds are present.”
    Warning Sign Number 1
  • Warning Sign Number two: “Speed skating near the cliff will cause rocks to appear.”
  • And Warning Sign number three: “Do not scrape your leg against the wall so much that it falls off.”
  • Traveling with a former English Professor and her son lends itself to all sorts of grammatical corrections.  Eli was teasing about the Jam Shop and talked about getting, “my jams,” at the Jam Shop to which Grandma corrected, “my jam,” to which Eli responded, “No, my jams.” This went on all day long. Hilarity.
  • Oh, Oh, Another Warning Sign (We thought it was more of a process scenario type of warning sign): Please place all boats on the hill, and then, beware of radio waves under the train.
  • A most helpful Warning Sign: Twerking platform with support bar
  • Best part of the day: The boys skipping rocks at the Cliffs of Moher, which equals awesome harmony. As I sat there watching them skip rocks on the tiny little lake that had formed near the cliffs edge, the boys exclaimed, “This is the best part of our trip so far. We love Ireland!”
  • A little while later Dave joined us at the tiny Cliffs-of-Moher lake.  As he and I sat there watching the boys a little bird hopped in the water and took a bird bath. Yes, it was beyond adorable.
  • After seeing a women wearing a pair at the cliffs I realize that I want tall socks with cat heads on the top.
  • It is always nice to have a minute with Dave. He asked the boys to go with Grandma while he and I walked a little further. I believe we saw the best view of the day.
  • With this convergence of people from all over the world there was definitely constant confusion about which side of the path we should walk on. Lots of people smashing ensured.
  • After Dave had me look for info on the ferry we saw the billboard telling us how to get there.
  • Quilty, Ireland. Just passing through and love your name.
  • In Killrush, there was a dog crossing the street alone, walking to the one armed man.
  • Hungry, we decided to stop in Killrush, and then decided to move on.
  • Our ferry from Killarush to Tarbert was called the Shannon Dolphin.
  • Sometimes when I am all the way in the back of the van, I miss Dave and think, “I want to be your backseat driver.” I jus told him I missed him and wanted to be his backseat driver, by the way.
  • Eli just asked DeAnne, “grandma who is the superior brother?”
  • I finally saw a rainbow.
  • After hours without food, we finally at and had a failrly decent meal at Salvdores in Killarney. My favorite review of Salvadores stated, “Remember, this is not a Mexican restaurant.” 😉
  • The Candle in restaurant reminds me of color crayon fire from my childhood.
  • There were thousands of crows in Killarney.
  • As we drove to tonight’s hotel, there was a castle ruin on the side of a dark, rainy road. Dave and Eli decided it was time to pee, (of course on the other side).
  • Me sitting in in the back seat is getting to me and Eli. He is sitting in front of me and is always the one who has to let me out. I am glad. By the time I get out the car, everyone else is far, far away.
  • I am tired and decided it was best to get my headphones at the end of another long and action packed day.
  • All in all it was a really good day.


Day 11 of our adventure.

You probably have noticed that I am still going easy on the editing. Commas are just for entertainment purposes, right?



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