Last Full Day in Europe (Ireland)

Monasterboice, Ireland

We are at the Hilton Golf Resort near the Belfast airport. Our European adventure is nearly complete. Moments ago the boys came running in the room.

“Mom! Mom! We are stung by wasps!”

“What?” I said (with a boatload of concern).

Us in Ireland
Us in Ireland

Kyle and Eli both walked over and showed me. Kyle on his torso, and Eli was bitten on the back of his right leg. “Mom, it hurts! Mom, look! Mom! Mom!” Sure enough, some angry wasps attacked both of them. Their limbs were swelling. “MOM! It hurts so bad!”  Quickly I located my Benadryl, because I always have Benadryl, and my histamine two blocker, Pepcid. Both Dave and I are allergic to stinging things so I come prepared. They are sore. They are swollen, and I am hoping they fall asleep soon. I just packed our stuff for our journey back. And thanks to Kyle’s blind side in my moment of weakness, we are going home with an additional sixteen (that is correct) pairs of socks. Good grief and kind of hilarious. After realizing my memory card had popped out of its slot earlier today. Meaning that all of the pictures I thought I took between Killarney and now, are gone. Well, after realizing my blunder, I feel into the pit of despair. Shortly after that we stopped so the kids could buy treats for their friends, and somehow we walked out of the South Belfast area mall with sixteen pair of socks, and two new pair of sunglasses. Mind you, this is Kyle’s second pair of sunglasses purchased on this trip. Luckily they are very cheap Rayban knock offs.

We are settled in for the night, and we never made it to the Titanic Museum or the Giant’s Causeway. We are cooked and all the things we wanted to see will have to wait until next time. It was a good trip. It was a long trip. I feel happy and that is nice.

Kyle and our favorite traveling companion, Grandma (DeAnne, Dave's mom). Ireland
Kyle and our favorite traveling companion, Grandma (DeAnne, Dave’s mom). Ireland

Here is a little run down of today.

  • Grapes in Dublin are really good. Apples are not.
  • We had breakfast and then we packed our things and checked out of our hotel
  • The waffle situation. Oh yes, the waffle situation. Let me back up. See, somehow Eli ended up with three Belgian waffle pieces, which led Kyle to claim,

    “unfair, unfair!”

    To make up for the disparity and to entertain himself in hopes of getting some waffle himself, Kyle at about seventeen (ok two or three) croissants smothered in Nutella. Yes, the waffles arrived, and both boys had more.

  • At breakfast I started singing, “Beth” by Kiss after asking Dave who his favorite Beth is. Eli said,

    “that is a lame song.”  And I responded, “Oh, my son if you could only know how awesome that song really is.” To which Dave said something about, “Cecelia,” and “Amanda.”  And now that I think about it, “How cool would it be if my name was, ‘Sister Christian?’”

  • We walked around St. Patricks’ Cathedral. I have  no pictures to show, except a few obscure iPhone photos.
  • Driving out of town, we saw a tons of folks, who seemed to be showing their respective team spirit, because many were wearing blue team  shirts, and many more were wearing green and yellow team shirts. What were they going to watch? My guess: soccer, I mean, football.
  • There was a peacock waking down the busy road by Monasterboice.
  • Millafont Abbey was closed. Seriously?
  • We stopped at a bayside town. We walked along the shore, by a ruined castle and into the town. The boys wanted to stay and skip rocks.
  • And because I am an idiot I just realized all the pictures I have been taking for the past few days are not there because the memory card was not inserted properly.

  • I am so mad! So angry I can spit. (still so frustrated)

  • I am crushed!

  • I am feeling sad. Dave and DeAnne (my mother-in-law) came to the car with ice cream for themselves and the boys. Tears of frustration are  rolling down my face. Somehow being allergic to milk fat and not being able to eat a damn ice cream cone made me feel powerless.
  • In mu ice-cream-cone-less moment I wrote,  “I feel alone. I need a connection. When I am frustrated a loving connection always does the trick.”
  • Then I posted my frustration to the great human connector, the internet. Within seconds  many cool folks were helping me feel better. Thank you friends!
  • We are at the Belfast golf resort. Kind of funny. The dinner was super yummy. We are tired and ready for our flight back to the U.S.
  • Hoping all goes well tomorrow. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you!

And of course now we are on the phone Skyping another flight reservation for an upcoming family reunion.  We needed a number, and had to talk to all these different people, and thank goodness we found what we needed!  Crazy. Crazy!