CrazyUs Itinerary: Walking Tour Athens, Greece

The boys on Acropolis Hill walking toward the Parthenon, Athens, Greece
The boys on Acropolis Hill walking toward the Parthenon, Athens, Greece

This is our itinerary maiden voyage (super pre-beta, beta). Please feel free to let me know what works and what does not work (I would love you forever if you weighed in).


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Itinerary. Athens, Greece Walking Tour


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  • We did our Athens, Greece walking itinerary in three days. Because our host suggested we remain in the tourist section of town, we covered this same area a few times.
  • NOTE. We added a grocery store to the itinerary. We often find that it is easier buying food and preparing it at our rental than figuring out a menu. If nothing else, eating in and eat out breaks up the routine. Make sure to buy bottled water at the grocery store. It is much cheaper than buying it from a street vendor.
  • Food: We loved the food in Greece. TripAdvisor offers great reviews of local restaurants. While we tend to use Yelp in the U.S., TripAdviser has better reviews overseas.
  • Hotels. You can find where we stayed here: Expedia, or AirBandB for your lodging.
  • Safe Lodging: As you may have noticed by the links, our apartment was listed on various sites. Because it was the apartment was listed and reviewed at various place, we were confident when booking. When traveling overseas, you can often find rentals online, which saves on the extra person charges.
  • Credit Cards: Advice that places do not take credit cards in Greece is out of date. We found that most places in Greece accept credit cards. Make sure to use a credit card that has no foreign transaction fee.