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Covid-19 Update: We are Home.

After having many flights canceled, redirected, or partially booked, and making a wistful drive to Milford Sound, we began our journey home. While in Queenstown, we received the same text from the airline that stated and I quote: “Due to Presidential Proclamation, non-U.S. citizens ...Read More

Coronavirus Campus Chaos

The other day I wrote what I would call our Coronavirus download, or better, a “I don’t want to forget this moment” journal entry (that I made public). The post was a bit sloppy. This one might be too. At the time, I had ...Read More

Coronavirus College Crisis

Things are getting crazy. Now how do I parent this critical situation? While I eagerly await more news, I will update you. 6:19AM Mountain Standard Time, March 3, 2020: Kyle: “Hey mom I know it is early but just in case I really need ...Read More