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Sydney, Australia TOP THINGS TO DO

Because Kyle is now doing a semester abroad in Sydney, I am crossposting this Sydney Post from our other website, Wanderhive. Sydney, Australia: A Revelation Introduction: For years I have been determined to get my husband to travel to Australia. He poo-pooed me at ...Read More

That time Eli broke his Jaw Skiing

It has somehow taken me three years to write about Eli’s jaw. I think my inability to write has something to do with the trauma I witnessed and the utter fear I experienced watching my son experience so many months of so much pain ...Read More

Treasures & Trauma: I embrace me and am cool with you

I knew what she was thinking. I paused. I watched my therapist’s reaction. I took note of her intentional eye contact and the warmhearted turn of her mouth. “Your life is a lot!” she compassionately said. Except for in safe spaces, like a therapist’s ...Read More