Blogher-PaW-loo-ZAH 2006

Me, the Mommy Blogger Beth a.k.a
Me, the Mommy Blogger Beth a.k.a

Needless to say I left my camera in my hotel room all weekend long.
With the sleep deprivation and estrogen overload, this weekend is kind of a blur. Of course I think I was the only person there who did not have her own personal business cards or digital camera strapped around her neck. (Yes, I am a DORK and I am still mad about leaving my camera in my hotel room.) I want to thank all of the people I met. You totally opened up my world. I also want to mention a few of these many wonderful people, people who gave me wonderfully designed business cards, shared a room with me, hugged me and made leaving my kids for a few days worth every single second. This has been a difficult time and going to Blogher, away from my safety net, enabled me to FINALLY CRY, something I have needed to do for three weeks.


I learned a lot this weekend. Mostly, I learned how small I am in all of this. There are some amazing women out there. I also learned a brutally hard lesson once again and face-to-face that once you put something out there, you can never ever ever take it back. Please count to ten before posting something you may regret and please, please be careful with what you say. You may think people will understand your intent, but you never ever know how it will be received.

[UPDATE 2.19.13: Oh how fun it would be to Mystery-Science-Theater-3000 some of these old posts, even a Director’s Cut would do.]

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