Central Utah: We survived the blood-sucking, biting flies

We just got back from Capitol Reef/Boulder/Torrey, Utah. We had a great long weekend away. It is late and I need to get my body in bed. Until tomorrow please enjoy some pictures I took with our our Old School First Generation Pentax Optio-S point-and-shoot Digital Camera. Yes, my D70 is in the shop again. And I tell you what — it is a crazy day when my old Optio (with its dinosaur burst rate) focuses and takes a comparable picture to my newer and much more expensive Nikon D70.

Easy E. and our new friends, the Harley Riders: The Anasazi Museum, Boulder, Utah. Thank God we walked the tiny museum together. I felt like we were traveling with our very own crew from Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Here is a self-portrait of me kissing my new friend, Horse-Horse. We met and named Horse-Horse at the awesome lodge where we stayed our first night.

Dave, Eli and Kyle. Torrey, Utah.

If there is a Narnia on Earth, I think we found it here in Fruita, Utah (the edge of Capitol Reef National Park). We stood and watched as the deer watched us as all of us (the deer, Dave, me and the boys) ate the crazy purple berries off of the trees.

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