Traveling Across the US in a Camper Van: Our Second Day…

Kyle and Eli before we hit the road
Kyle and Eli before we hit the road

…No really some background to our mental state on the second day.

We were on the road again and aiming to get to Uncle Bill’s in St Louis by Saturday. The rain from Hurricane Lily had not slowed down much…

Wait, I think this is the appropriate time to fill you in on the events of the week so that you may get a smidgen of background as to our mental state at this point. We are at Friday Morning on our second travel day. On Tuesday we had to be completely moved out of our Herndon, VA house.

Dave and I were up the entire night before prepping everything and completing the packing. Because this move was on our dime, we wanted to save some cash. Was it worth it? I still do not know.

Moving Day: There was a brief mishap with the moving truck. We had it scheduled for a 9AM delivery. The moving company thought it was scheduled to come at noon. We got everything squared away and the movers and truck both showed up at the same time. Gratefully, at 9AM, Dave’s brother and father came to help and stayed until the movers left. Thanks to love and kindness of my good friend, Stephanie we were actually able to complete the move. Stephanie took Kyle for the day.

We spent Tuesday night at Bill and Stephanie’s and decided to have Eli, our light sleeper sleep in the same room with us. I will make this short. Eli did not sleep.

Wednesday we had the closing from HELL. Our buyers were relentless. To paraphrase, US: “We will happily give you money for the burned out light bulbs. We did not notice they were burned out.” THEM: “No as a show for the disrespect you have displayed, we want you to crawl naked to Home Depot, purchase said light bulbs, continue your naked crawl to your house and screw the light bulbs in with your teeth.” Even after the lawyer assured me that I was a good person and recommended that we just leave, the beating us to a pulp continued. I am happy to say that it only took the Title Company Nine days to wire the money into our account. (Note my sarcasm).

With little sleep, a displaced life, and the rain pounding down on us, we were back to Friday morning.

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