Nocturnal Us & Our Salt Lake City, Utah Adventures

Evil Cat Graffiti
Evil Cat Graffiti Gone

Dave is lying beside me. He helped me with my computer needs and I think he is playing Solitaire. He is. I just checked. I used to blog this way. I would set my laptop on my lap and begin to write, often late at night. I was always surprised about what came out and how those words, whatever they were, seemed to have these magical healing properties. I loved that long-ago groove I was in.

It is 1:36 AM. I should be asleep. I have developed a terrible sleep pattern. I have been off schedule since the holidays. Oddly, I kind of like it. I just paid the boys’ Nutrikids School Lunch bill and then signed myself up for an American Express promotion. After I signed up I had to hashtag a bunch of offers on Twitter, so I did. Now that H&M has made its way to Salt Lake City, I skipped hashtagging the H&M offer. As Dave filled in earlier this evening and before I could finish, he said, “H&M is not as special now that you do not have to go out of town to buy their clothes.”
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