Why All The Travel Lists?

Ok. It seems like travel advice via list is all the rage, or better, is what is driving the traffic. Hey, I like lists. They are succinct (something I struggle with). They say things like, 1. “If you do not want to get sunburned, ...Read More

Moab, Utah’s Corona Arch in The Rain

“I have never hiked to Corona Arch in the rain,” I happily exclaimed, as I looked around to a Southwestern desert exploding into an oversaturated, misty, speckled sage and slippery looking red rock wonderland. ...Read More

My Travel Advice: When You Travel, Walk!

Before venturing to Italy for the first time I  (CrazyUS) solicited some travel advice. I would say at least fifty to seventy-five percent of the people told me (no I am not exaggerating), “Do not go to Rome. It is boring! It is an old, ...Read More