We Survived Donut Falls – (Mmm Donuts!)

  Really. I am shocked that we survived. Honestly, I am always amazed we survive! I will tell you why.  It is simple. People die while hiking. And people die at Utah’s Donut Falls (some spell it, Doughnut). Last year at Donut Falls a ...Read More

Budget: Rental Car Ripoff

If you’re going to rent a car from Budget in Costa Rica, prepare to be ripped off. I’d like to show you two documents. This one is my reservation. It includes an $87 rental charge and another $38 in fees. It seems excessive that ...Read More

Without My Family, I Would Die In A Fire.

I learned this about myself very early Sunday morning. It was 3:50 AM and I heard the blood curdling BEEP, BEEP, BEEP sound only a fire alarm that needs you to WAKE UP NOW would make. Lights were flashing on and off. The room ...Read More