Post Delay While We Heal Dave’s Big Brain

Often my writing is filled with angst-y, dark moments. It is true. For me, writing pain sentences comes easier than articulating light happy ones. Maybe it is because darkness literally fills me with pressure-cooker dread. Meaning, for my utter survival, I have to let ...Read More

High Anxiety

At 1:47 AM I walked into our bedroom. As you can imagine, I have not been sleeping much this week. Dave exclaimed, “My head hurts. I cannot sleep!” “Where does it hurt?” I asked. “Behind my eyes. It hurts behind my eyes!” Dave proclaimed. ...Read More

My Big Brain Dave, an Update

The brain is fascinating, subtle and nuanced. I love Dave’s big brain. As you know, right now Dave needs to recalibrate his. We are grateful he fell on his face (the head’s crumple zone). And we are even happier for those facial fractures. Supposedly ...Read More

Today I am Both of Us

Just after noon on Sunday I heard a knock on our front door.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw Dave and his friend standing outside. I thought to myself, “Doesn’t’ he have a key?” I heard a knock again as I ...Read More

Learn From Me: Go Easy on Yourself

  My first and probably most important words do not come from me. See, recently I watched the documentary, “Amy,” about the life of Amy Winehouse.  I loved it. It was sad and of course I loved how the filmmaker captured her vulnerability. It ...Read More