Moab 2002

Arches National Park, Moab, UT
Arches National Park, Moab, UT

Almost one week ago we went to meet Dave’s brother and his wife in Moab, UT. We were all the way to Spanish Fork (about forty minutes south from where we are staying), when from no where, three projectile vomit shots came from Eli’s little mouth. “Dave you need to stop the van. Dave, no really you need to pull over.” I said as I sat paralyzed by the sight of my son and his stuffed moose covered in puke. “Dave, you need to find a place to stop.” “Why?” “Eli is covered in vomit.” I didn’t move except to hold Kyle’s hand. We both sat stunned and watched. “Eli is frowing up Mommy.”

Dave pulled into a gas station, we stripped Eli in the cold night air, and got everything cleaned up. “If he does this again, we are going back.” I said as Dave headed south.

Me and Easy E. October 16, 2002. Kyle and Eli's first trip to Moab
Me and Easy E. October 16, 2002. Kyle and Eli’s first trip to Moab

And so our trip began.

We reached the Lazy Lizard, the local youth hostel around 10:30PM to meet Denny and Jacqui. We camped amongst the cabins. It was so warm in the van that I opted not to turn the heat on. Yes, this is foreshadowing… During the night, I was so cold that I couldn’t reach for my sweater. I was so cold that I couldn’t even manage to move my arm to turn on the pre-set heater that was inches closer than my sweater for fear that I might lose my only warm spot. I was so cold I couldn’t move. The boys were bundled well, but getting cold too. Finally about 6:00 A.M. I said, “Dave you need to come down here now. Bring your sleeping bag.” So four across we slept and eventually warmed up.

Jacqui wanted to stay in a hotel the following night. The Lazy Lizard wasn’t quite how they remembered so as Dave and Denny geared up for their bike ride we found a hotel. The boys and I took Dave and Denny to the Porcupine Rim Trail. “Dave, it’s hot, bring lots of water. Dave, remember those guys who died doing the Porcupine Rim Trail. Bring your head lamp. Dave, you need to drink more. Here are some Power Bars. Do you have your cell phone? Do you have your GPS? How long will the ride take? When should I send the search party? I love you.” Dave listened and amused my worry. We hugged and they were off.

Dave met me at the laundry mat several hours later. They were ok and had a great ride. Kyle had been entertaining himself with all the video games. It’s pretty cool when your kids don’t realize that you need to put money in the machines to make them work. Back at the hotel Kyle was a little off. He kept moaning, “Mommy, Mommy Mommmy.” I knew we should head to the bathroom. We almost made it. After throwing up he perked right up. We hesitated, but Dave really wanted to go out to dinner with Denny and Jacqui so we were off. We were barely out of the car at the restaurant when Kyle started screaming again. Dave held him in place so he could throw up in one place. (Sorry if these details are too gross and/or tedious. Parenting you know.) Dave was starving and Kyle seemed ok so after much debate we went into the restaurant. After several false alarms (Kyle was getting the idea, you say that you have to throw up and Daddy will take you outside to play) we had a real one and Kyle and I went to the car. Not five minutes later Dave and Eli came to the car. “You wouldn’t believe what happened. We were just sitting there, Eli looked at me and threw up all over.” We had pushed our limits and it was now time to leave. Kyle continued to throw up through the night. We were so glad that we were at a hotel. We could just go to the front desk all night and ask for more sheets and towels.

October 9, 2002, Moab, UT Delicate Arch Hike with our Double Jogging Stroller
October 9, 2002, Moab, UT Delicate Arch Hike with our Double Jogging Stroller

It was all worth it: The next day we still managed to take our all terrain double stroller up the mile and a half, 1500 (approx.) vertical feet climb up to Delicate Arch in Arches National Park. We would have never made it without Jacqui and Denny’s help. Everyone who past us on the way up commented on how crazy we were. Everyone who past us on the way down said they couldn’t believe we made it up. I thought we were crazy too until I turned the corner and saw the literally breathtaking view.

Although Energy was low, Jacqui came sick with a cold and Eli with a bug which transferred amongst us through the week we really did have a wonderful time. There is nothing like Southern Utah.

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4 thoughts on “Moab 2002

  1. Love the postings and the updates. Really cool to see the trip unfold on the site and to see and hear about the “escipades.” You all are doing such a great job with this site – it’s like I’m there with you!!!! So glad you all are taking the trip of a lifetime – – Be Safe!!!!
    Love, Mel

  2. Dave/Beth/Jacqui/Denny: Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time in Utah. I bet you’d have an even better time in Oregon. We would even let you sleep inside the house where it is nice and warm. Sounds like fun, huh? You know where to find us. -Jared

  3. Ha! I had to laugh because we were those crazy parents just a few months back climbing up to the Delicate Arch with a toddler in the back carrier, 4-year-old in the baby jogger, and the almost-7- year-old left to her own devices (= legs). We got a lot of empathy even though it wasn’t that bad. Long live Moab and its arches! (And yes, I can still do the Slick Rock! – next time – Porcupine Rim)

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