Happy Holidays

Bagdad, AZ 2003
Bagdad, AZ 2003

Here I sit at the Henderson, Nevada Kinkos. Dave is in the van with our sleeping boys and I am trying to do some last minute Christmas shopping online. Because We are traveling fools, online seems to be the only method that works. I can’t leave my lap top for fear it will be stolen and Dave can’t leave the kids for fear they will be stolen as well. Did I mention how badly I need to go to the bathroom?

I needed to post something because it seems as though I can’t send email.

So I will say that we are a live. Las Vegas has been crazy. Kyle loved and feared the outdoor volcano attraction at the Mirage. We stayed at the Venetian, with indoor canoes (gondolas) and all. Kyle wants to go back to his hotel and his parents want to get out of here. Too much stimulation.

Yesterday, we registered our van in Pahrump, Nevada. Let’s just say that Pahrump is the home of The Brothel Art Museum and worlds smallest DMV, (that’s a whole other story/log). I have had too much caffeine this morning and am trying to get all my computer need done before I get Davy’s call pleading for me to return to the van.

As we drove by the lone holiday decorated Joshua Tree amongst the thousands of other Joshua Trees that lined the Nevada highway, I thought to myself, “It doesn’t quite feel like Christmas.” (I write this as “I’ll be home for Christmas” plays in the background. Tears really do fill my eyes at the sounds of those words.

Please post often, we check the site daily. We will email you as soon as we can. Oh, and we took great pictures. Maybe I will call Dave and see if we can upload them now…

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  1. Come back to Oregon and I’ll show you some Christmas trees. We’ll see you guys soon. We’re heading out Saturday and coming back Friday, just let us know where you’ll be and what day you want us to stop by.

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