A New Home, Finally?

Park City, UT
Park City, UT

Well, it looks like we may be able to settle down for a while. We have made an offer on a Park City mountain getaway, and that offer has been accepted. We still have to do an inspection and some other things so there’s a possibility that it might fall through, but we’re optimistic. I took a few photos, and I’ll have to upload most of them later since I’m on a slow connection today. But here’s one I took the last time we went up there. It was misty that day:





2 thoughts on “A New Home, Finally?

  1. Darn, just when I was getting excited that you’d be living in the Avenues! Really, though, congratulations and good luck with closing! I know how nervous-making closing can be… How many square feet is it? It looks quite HUGE! I love the wood!! l,jenny

  2. unfortunately the Brinks armored car service doesn’t make runs and tip over in antarctica, so I’ll have to be content with a pup tent sized room this winter.

    congratulations on the new home, I hope it all works out. Let me know what else is happening.


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