The Deal is Off!

Park City, Utah
Park City, Utah

Our house in Park City fell through. The deal is off.

What a crazy week it has been.

This was/is suppose to be the year to figure things out. What I don’t think I realized when we hopped in our Eurovan a few months back was how hard figuring things out would be. Sometimes it seems as though life sucks and then it sucks even more.

Wait, then I stop and look and listen and see my two little blond boys sitting snug together on the Green Bean (our new bean bag chair) watching “Little Bear.” Eli is chattering away toKyle and Kyle is holding Eli to make sure he doesn’t fall off. The sorrow of this week is wiped away by watching these two boys.

I don’t really want to get into the details of this week on the web site. I certainly don’t think we have chosen an easy road. Dave wanted the house and I did not. I felt too isolated. However, I think our choices are leading us to an even happier road. At least that is what I am telling myself.

The happiest part of our journey so far is that as each day goes by, my capacity to love and just the love I have for Dave and the boys grows and amazes me.

What I am grateful for today:
-Davy, Kyle, Eli
-Davy finding the Tivo in the storage unit last night. Low and behold it had several Little Bear episodes stored on it
-Honey Nut Cheerios without milk
-Zone Bars, Power Bars and Most of all Vanilla Crisp Pria Bars
-A son who “Arfs” at every moving creature
-Another son who asks, “Mommy can I kiss you so you will feel better?”
-The phrase, “For better or worse.” We do stick together.
-Car noises from Eli, “Brrrrr brrr brr.”
-Kyle who makes friends every where we go even when we aren’t in the mood.
-Dinosaurs and stories and questions about Dinosaurs
-Laurie Berkner and her awesome kids music. Victor Vito has washed and continues to wash away many tears.
-The small world called Utah. Just when you are having a bad day you meet your good friend, Phil’s sister-in-law at Little Gym
-Dominique, For helping me see that there are things greater than what I am dealing with.
-Lap tops and a husband who loves lap tops and consequently, EBay.
-Bob Plumb, WaWa and all those who helped us through this week. Thank you.

Thank you for letting me wax poetic.

4 thoughts on “The Deal is Off!

  1. 🙁 Sorry to hear about the house falling through. Don’t worry, something better will come along. There’s still a free place to stay in Bountiful if you need it!

  2. One day I was taking the kids for a walk in the ‘woods’ behind the house. One little boy was getting frustrated because he kept tripping on roots and getting scratched by tree branches. He refused to go another step. I tried to prod him along. He looked up at me and said, “but there’s too many sticks”. I have used that line many times when I am over whelmed by life. I’ll look at my husband and say “There’s too many sticks”. He usually says or does something to help me feel better. Then I can continue my “journey”. So I’ll send you a smile and a lumber jack song to help clear a path and hope it leads to a place to call your own.
    “I’m a lumberjack and I’m ok.
    Iwork all night and I sleep all day.
    I cuts down trees, I eats my lunch I go to the lavatree. On Wednesdays I go shopping and have buttered scons for tea…..

    I think you remember the rest.
    Love ya

  3. I’m always amazed, AMAZED, when after a fight with Dave you typically say how much you love Dave. After a fight with Bill I’m so spun around with craziness that I can’t even speak, let alone utter Bill’s name, let alone say anything remotely nice about him.

  4. My previous post got sent by accident too early thanks to Max turning off the computer while I was typing. You gotta love it. I just didn’t want to send such a negative comment about Billiam without saying that while we make up eventually you guys so fortunately take a lot less time. That’s very very nice in my eyes.


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