Stupid Bachelor!

Am I the only one who thinks Travis of this season’s, The Bachelor is stupid? Actually, I personally know at least one other person out there who agrees with me.

Travis Stork 2006 Bachelor

Just so you know what I am talking about, you can take a look at the carefully-crafted-Bachelor Paris show synopsis and for a little more insight, let me quote from Travis the Bachelor’s stupid, personal online journal:

“I don’t have the words [because I don’t have a pulse] to express how excited I am right now. This was the most difficult decision I’ve ever had to make, but I knew I had to follow my heart. And that’s what I did when I chose Sarah tonight [the safe, non-sexy one].

As soon as Sarah walked into the room, I instantly knew I had made the right decision. She looked absolutely beautiful, and I was so anxious to tell her everything I’ve wanted to say for so long.” blah, blah, blah . . . and you also looked like you were kissing your little sister. Ew!

There I was, sitting all alone in my basement, completely stunned.

“He chose Sarah? Huh? How did this happen?”

Careful editing, that is how this happened. And to paraphrase Moana, “He picked the safe one!” Damn you Travis! I turned off the t.v. and headed upstairs, all the while trying to reconcile my feelings.

“Guys always go safe. Sarah and Travis seem so stiff and robotic. I wouldn’t want marry a robot, even if the robot was all cool and gold metallic like C-3PO (And no, Sarah is not cool or gold metallic). Sure, Dave is my buddy, my best friend, but in no way did he play it safe with me. Thank you Dave. I don’t come from a strong pedigree. I have a wild past, yet, he still was willing to take that risk. Woohoo for you, Dave!

Deep in The Bachelor Paris-thought, I stopped and put the clothes in the dryer. I knew that I needed to write about this stupid, safe, bachelor, doctor man. What a complete let down. Dude, you seemed to get it (leaning towards Moana) and then you froze! And then I thought about Dave and how embarrassed he would be if I let anyone know that I watch The Bachelor. Once again, I have been sucked into a Reality T.V. drama. How could I? I walked upstairs and into our bedroom, where I found Dave lying in bed, watching a PBS Documentary. Of course he was watching PBS while I was watching The Bachelor, of course!

You see, in my opinion I say, what a disappointment for relationships everywhere that Travis picked the safe, controlling, bossy, the-girl-his-parents-approved-of-after-only-spending-one-day-with-her, stable one, of course! (So what if he really liked Sarah. This is T.V. and on T.V. we need a REAL fairy tale, not some whispery-voiced, contrived, bullshit fairy tale Come on, ABC, don’t you know that safe does not make good television?) Truth-be-told, I think Travis is either going to get bullied into marrying Sarah or hopefully get back to the states and run for the hills. Hey, and I know for a fact that in Tennessee there are plenty of hills to run to.

Why on Earth do I care?

Well, because I started thinking about how rough around the edges I am. If you only saw one side of me, you may think Dave was crazy to marry emotional, risk-taking me, too. I am also guessing the first time that I met my in-laws, they probably wouldn’t have wanted their first-born son to end up with me either, but that is just playing it safe. And thank goodness, Dave and his family are so cool and so willing to see past first impressions.

I had to get it out there and tell Dave my plans to write about The Bachelor. I opened my mouth and began telling him about this whole Bachelor television show. He listened. He laughed. He put his hands over his face and shook his head while I explained.

“And Moana was the deep, emotional, strong and exciting one. Their spark — Their chemistry — it was unparalleled. What Moana and Travis had (or was carefully edited into the show to throw us all) was amazing. Why did he have to go with the cute buddy? Sure, I know that we (dave and I)were totally best friends before we got married and I am so much the cute buddy type, but Davy, thank you for seeing past the craziness.”

After hearing what I had to say, I was sure Dave was now convinced of the importance for me to write about this awe-invoking current event. Then he spoke.

“You aren’t going to write about this, are you?”

“Yes. I have to! Can’t you see? I have to for all unconventional women out there.”

“I am so embarrassed. I am so embarrassed that you will be letting the world know that you watch The Bachelor.”

“Dave, it has to be done.”

And so it was.

Now I must wash my hydrating face mask off.

54 thoughts on “Stupid Bachelor!

  1. And then right after Travis rejected Moana as they were going to a commercial, Chris Harrison let us know in a voice-over that coming up after the break: the moment all of America has been waiting for! Sarah gets her fairy tale ending!

    It was then that I stood up in the living room and let Chris Harrison know that he had his facts wrong. The moment all of America had been waiting for was the one where a giant meteor falls out of the sky and lands on Sarah’s head.

  2. I admit to only watching a few episodes of this bachelor, but I don’t think I could have taken anymore then a few episodes because MY GOD TRAVIS WHISPERS ALOT. What was that all about?

    As usual, I have nothing intelligent or witty to add, but I had to ask about the whispering.

  3. Beth, I’m glad you wrote about this. I do think it’s culturally relevant, and I bet a lot of woman’s studies classes have to go home and watch the Bachelor. My sister and I have had endless conversations about past Bachelor seasons. I couldn’t seem to get into this one though. Maybe I didn’t give it enough of a chance, but this bachelor seemed duller than usual, and how could the producers make Paris seem so boring?

    Don’t you wish there was a Bachelor for the alternative set? With a group of non-manicured women and a guy who looked like Steve Buscemi?

  4. I REALLY liked Sarah. I really did. I’m beginning to suspect that I’m the only moron in America that was happy when he picked her!!! 🙂

  5. I liked her too, Melanie! But, that last episode, I started really liking Moana a lot. I really think they had a huge connection but Travis walked away from that. I think Moana was really an intellligent and strong woman, despite the fact she got so emotional.

    It was interesting, while we were watching (I’ve brainwashed my husband, you should try it Beth!), I commented that I felt like I was more like Moana than Sarah. My husband surpised me by acting shocked and saying that I was way more like Sarah.

    Of course, he really liked Sarah, so I guess I should take that as a compliment. I just like how strong-minded Moana was and how she read the situation in the house right as it was and still got through it. She even didn’t hesitate to call herself a hypocrite for changing her mind about Travis.

    That said, Travis is probably more suited for Sarah.I suspect they edited out a lot of scenes where the two were more touchy feely, to hide that she was the one. That, or it’ll be another Bachelor failure on their books in a few months.

  6. I liked Moana too, until she couldn’t answer Travis’s fathers questions. Her answer was all about how HE made HER feel about herself and HER soul.

    And both Travis and Sarah had been worried about the no passion thing, but after their overnite date, I thought that was cleared up – they did have the hots for each other, and I thought they were pretty tasteful about it – can’t base a relationship just on passion alone. If he’s wanting kids…. I think Sarah was far better the “safer bet”.

  7. Okay I don’t watch that show because I can’t stand it, but I had to comment, because HOLY CRAPFUCKER! I’ve never seen Heather comment on a blog before! Maybe I haven’t been looking, but still! Okay, I’m done now. Sorry for the inturruption. When the hell does ANTM start??? I need my Tyra-fix. Ew… no I don’t. But I love that show. As far as I know, I don’t get PR and ya’ll make a Canuck jealous when you talk about that shit yo. No fair. I’m telling.


  8. Beth, from one married-to-a-PBS-freak-chick to another, I salute your trash tv-watching. That’s enough hyphens for one day.

    (Hey, settle down there, Karen Rani.)

  9. its so funny that you would mention this, because though i haven’t watched a single episode this season i still HAD TO watch the finale last night, to see THE BIG LETDOWN (weepy hyperventilating in a limo? bring it on!).

    but yeah, the final couple seemed pretty “meh.”

    and tell dave that there’s no more shame in watching “the bachelor” than there is in playing D&D-like board games. ahem. cough.

  10. Travis, although very handsome, is as exciting as a brick- He and Sara deserve each other.

  11. I gave up on the Bachelor shows after the Bachelorette season with Jen. It just got too boring and predictable. Too…manufactured. That said, I certainly don’t fault you for watching. I myself love a good slo-mo train wreck, generally speaking. ;^)

  12. I am equally embarassed to admit I watched this insanely frustrating show last night. However, my boyfriend watched it with me, so he should be even more ashamed. Ofcourse he looked at me and asked “Where’s Trista?”.

    You summed up everyone’s thoughts nicely!

  13. I’ve never watched one episode of The Bachelor but if you ask me anything about American Idol or The Apprentice I’ll talk your ears off all night.

    But, I agree with the point of your post. Thank god my husband didn’t play it safe with me. Me: the single mom with a drug addicted sister, an alcoholic mother and so much emotional baggage. But, he didn’t play it safe. He stayed with me through all my breakdowns and depression.

    Besides, safe is boring!

  14. I tried to post earlier…didn’t show up…basically said I totally agree with you…AND damn you for posting the link to the Bachelor website…I spent way too long reading the message boards! haha


  15. I haven’t watched the Bachelor in quite a little bit. Too sexist and frustrating. And yet…it’s like a car wreck that you can’t look away from.

  16. I can’t believe I missed this post yesterday. Your neighbor, Carol told me about it after my post and THANK GOD, because I would have missed the chance to ramble on more about this.

    See, I think that Sarah is rougher around the edges than we were led to believe. AND I think that they had way more of a connection/friendship than we were led to believe. I think all of the spoilers/rumors/etc. scared the everloving crap out of the producers, so they led us down the wrong path on purpose.

    What’s funny is that I wanted him to pick Sarah, for the same weirdly personal reasons you wanted him to pick Moana: I identify more with Sarah. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am NOT perfect, and I am pretty fucked up and rough around the edges, as anyone will tell you. But I am not now, and never have been…seductive. I’m like Sarah. The girl who will play tennis with you and go hiking with you and never really let you know how much she likes you.

    And it’s so nice to know that it won out! Niceness won out over seduction!

    And I just need to mention that my husband deleted it off of TiVo and I am FURIOUS, for I would have watched it again. And again.

  17. Your comments section is NOT remembering my personal info, damn it, and I want it looked into. It’s discrimination.

    How’d the face mask go?

  18. So, ya, I liked Sarah too. And though Beth, you may think you identify with Moana because she is so passionate etc. you are really maybe a lot like Sarah in that you are your husbands best friend, built the friendship first, want the same things, have the same interests, etc. I just think that Sarah is the better fit for Travis, who is so polite. Thank you, thank you, thank you to EVERYTHING. But ya, my husband too can not understand why I am watching this crap. And I identify with Moana’s emotionalism and don’t like it. So maybe that is what is going on with you too. I really, really thought when I married my husband that I would bring him fun, laughter, and a lightening of his life, and while I have done some of that, after 15 years, we have had our share of sorrows as well, and some of them directly from me.

  19. Beth, I agree with you completely.

    I was so disgusted by the idea that HE was the big prize and all of these pathetically desperate women were dying to be his. Why? We will never know.

  20. Having never watched this show, the only thing I can say is, ya gotta put it all in perspective. The guy picked his WIFE on a TV SHOW.

    I agree with you though, I think it’s pretty lame he picked the safe girl. I think that’s why I got sucked into the Surreal Life season with the Brady. It was so cute to see a “good boy” get seduced by a “bad girl.”

    Well, that, and who can resist drunk midgets and ex Go-Go girls? Not me.


  21. I’m with Jonniker on this one. I was rooting for Sarah because I am much more like that, at least on the surface. My husband dated the crazy, emotional, deep, creative type before me. And while I am all of those things too, I think he saw in me some stability and organization too.

    Different strokes for different folks, I say.

  22. Wow – I totally see this in a different way. He is a doctor which leads me to believe he is a ‘practical’ man. I like the idea that he had to go to Paris to find a girl right down the street. Is this me believing in the finding love right around the corner rather than having to look endlessly for it? That and I could not get past Moana’s “I’ve never been able to look at someone and see a piece of my soul” or something similar… That made me wretch. I guess this is really a personality difference, I’m not romantic but definitely very rough around the edges and I hope not all men are looking for someone with sweeping romantic gestures that I can’t deliver…

  23. Isn’t funny that we are all discussing a relationship that was manufactured on television?

    I absolutely love it!

    Thank you everyone for your participation.

    Quite honestly, I see myself in both of these women. I am safe at times, but I also am very deep and can be quite passionate (emotional) about things. Thank goodness we are not all the same and I am glad I found someone whose strengths balance out my weakness and vise versa.

    The thing I didn’t like about Sarah is that she reminded me too much of the girls I went to college with. I am sure Sarah is probably a great human being, but seeing her was like a weird, Stepford-wife-esque, acid flashback. At BYU, it seemed as though all the cute and perfect Mormon girls were majoring in Elementary Ed (which is a great major), but for many of these women, I am sure they didn’t really have any aspirations to be a teacher or at least not teach for long. Elementary Ed is just a means to an end for them. If a good man sees them majoring in Elementary Ed, then for sure, he would know that this woman would make a good mother to his children, right? I wonder how many of these women actually teach for more than a year or two. Because we all know that they needed to be home having babies (Remember, I am a SAHM and I love it. I am just painting a stereotype here). It was like Elementary Ed was a box they could check off in their formula for finding a man. I saw these same annoying characteristics in Sarah, except, I don’t think that she is Mormon.

    BYU Man-Finding Formula:
    1. Major in Elementary Ed
    2. Marry a returned Mormon Missionary
    3. No premarital sex.
    4. Tell your chosen man and all your friends that he is PERFECT for you because you had a SPECIAL feeling about him.
    5. Be a fantastic homemaker, including knowing how to scrapbook.

    Ok, Ok, I am generalizing. But for someone, who did not fit into the box, I was relieved to meet and marry a man, who was happy that I am who I am.

  24. Beth, I am so cracking up at your comment just now. I love the picture you painted, very funny. 🙂 And, to think I almost majored in El. Ed. LOL I needed that laugh today, thanks!!!

  25. Okay, just HAD to add that my husband kept asking all season “Is the kindergarten teacher still in?” Cuz I guess a “good” guy just can’t resist a kindergarten teacher.

  26. Dee, it was “seeing her own soul shine back” at her. SHINING. And her feelings for Travis “rocked her to the core.”

    Of course, all of this must be said tearfully, and with a whole lot of drama and chest-thumping. Can you tell I really and truly wanted to club Moana?

  27. I’m with you, Beth. (sorta) I didn’t like Sarah. She was so….vanilla. There was nothing to her. Very blah. I liked Moana’s depth and that she was more classy and less “girl next door.” Read: too good for a guy who would go on Reality TV to find “true love.” lol

    Someone mentioned that whole women’s studies class thing – and I agree. I’m sure someone is studying this phenomena right now. As women we seem to be in competition with each other (for men, for jobs, etc.) For TV to depict it the way that it does makes me ashamed that we treat each other that way. And seriously, what kind of issue must you have to be like, “I know you’re totally hooking up, and that’s okay” or “I can’t believe he kissed her too!” I mean, duh! ::getting off my soapbox now::

  28. Beth you are so lucky to have the chance to turn off or on these shows. We only get the series after they finish in the states, and sometimes I inadvertently see who the winner is while I am on line sometimes.
    We can’t wait for ANTM, having seen 2 seasons of it. And we still have not gotten the last season of Six Feet Under. Agh! We just finished the 2nd season of the Aprentice. And still no American Idol.

  29. I haven’t been watching the bachelor, but I watched last week, and the week before and I got hooked enough to watch the two hour special.

    I WANTED TO CRY. (For the sake of simplicity, let’s just pretend it was like it was edited to look.) So, here he has this deep connection with someone who is different, but he goes with the “good girl.” Ahh! I too am risky and I guess it affected me because I know the feeling. Of course, I want someone safe too, but to let a connection like that go when those kind of connections are so rare… stupid Travis.

  30. I really liked Sarah also. I thought Moana was really unstable. I thought a relationship with Moana would be crazy and exciting, but fleeting, while Sarah was more of a long time commitment type girl. I liked Sarah the whole time, but the last episode I really thought he was going to pick Moana, but he didn’t which made me happy. All girls are emotional, but Moana took it to another level, which can be tiring.

  31. I’m with Jonniker–me and my boyfriend (who REALLY liked Moana until the very last show) keep breaking out into “soul shining back” and “rocked to the core” because MY GOD WOMAN. Some people can handle–and even thrive–on that kind of drama, but Travis didn’t strike me as the type, so he probably chose correctly for himself. Even though Sarah was completely lame.

  32. I’m so happy to see that I’m not the only 30ish year old woman that watched The Bachelor and also analyzes the heck out of it. Why do I watch it when I know that it is totally edited? It’s so manipulative. And yet so addicting.

    And, Beth, during this season of The Bachelor, my husband would casually watch a little bit of each episode while he was reading or making dinner, etc. but he didn’t watch the finale. However…he told me on Tuesday morning that he was having trouble sleeping on Monday night, so he got out of bed to read a little bit and went on the Internet to see who won the Bachelor! Needless to say, I fell more in love with him at that moment.

  33. I’m glad my son still watches PBS. I have never seen the Bachelor, but I must admit that Grandpa and I have been semi-hooked on Dancing with the Stars. However, we were even more hooked on BLEAK HOUSE (on PBS), though we did have to record some episodes because of the Olympics.

    BTW, everyone, I think Beth is terrific! I didn’t warm up to her at first because Davy had assured me she was “just a friend,” and I didn’t want to encourage her in case she wanted him to be more than “just a friend,” and I didn’t want him to break her heart. I assumed she at least had a crush on him–how could any girl not?

  34. Woot. Great to hear from Grandma!

    Okay, so as someone speaking from The Bachelor and Sarah’s town, everyone knew he had chosen her already because they’ve been seen together around here several times in advance of the finale. Isn’t that breaking a rule or something?

    Anyway, my husband and I watched the finale only because it’s all the buzz around here. I think the doctor chose Sarah because duh. She lives in his town. Who wants a psychopathic kindergarten teacher chasing after you while you party down with another woman you have to fly in every few weekends?
    I am incredibly suspicious of Moana. She wants to be an actress. She sure did a good job in the limo afterward. As a friend of mine said, “That was sure a lot of crying to have no tears come out.” Suspicious, no?

    I am pissed that the bachelor gave that obviously written-for-TV speech to Moana, in which he seemed to be choosing her, until the long pause, the music change and the “But….” Puh-lease. Who would agree to do that to someone? He’s got to be an asshole. And yeah. It looks like he and Sara have no chemistry together whatsoever.

    Anyway, I’ll let you know how long they last because it will definitely be in the gossip columns here.

  35. Hi everyone. It such fun to realize that more people than just me are analyzing the final outcome ot this season’s Bachelor.

    I was COMPLETELY SHOCKED Travis didn’t pick Moana. I thought he was joking at first. She was a deep person full of emotions, and those of you who say she was unstable have probably never in your life experienced feelings of love.

    Anyways, I LOVED MOANA, …and after finding a webpage by google searching “everyone roots for Moana”, I found this long discussion and after two hours of reading, I saw that most of the people feel the same way as me- that MOANA WAS THE ONE, THE INTELLIGENT, DEEP, SOPHISTICATED, GRACEFUL woman, who deserves so much more. I only can wish her the best, ’cause I could feel her pain.

    I truly wish her the best in life, and Moana- don’t crawl back to your shelf , please! You are a wonderful, intellingent young lady who deserves the very best. Your Prince is waiting for you out there, and you will meet him at the right time.

    And remember- everything has its purpose, which we find out most often later, in the retrospective. I believe this experience will lead you to the Real Man that you deserve.


  36. Hi Grandma. (not my grandma, but the onw who last posted:)

    I enjoyed your email, except for the comment about Moana.
    There were not any fake tears or cries from her. Can’t you see she was truly devastated?

    And BTW: It was Susan who wanted to be an actress, not Moana!!!! Moana has a great career, some financial stuff,- business. So, just for your info.

    But I like your like of gossip:), and your insight about Sarah’s lacking passion with Travis. Keep it up, and keep us informed! Have a great day.

  37. ..hah, sorry, my previous comment went to Lucinda, not to Grandma (I messed up the names…sorry Grandma!)

  38. I’m sure you are right about everything. I am a fair-weather bachelor fan and basically full of shit as far as the TV plot goes.

    BUT. THIS JUST IN! THEY HAVE ALREADY BROKEN UP! This is from today’s local newspaper, The Tennessean:

    Looks like The Bachelor might be available again.

    Vandy ER doc Travis Stork gave Nashville kindergarten teacher Sarah Stone a promise of a new relationship (and some bling) on Monday’s finale of ABC’s The Bachelor: Paris.

    But another guy may be in the picture, though that guy, Matt Lauderdale — roommate and business partner of Titans star receiver Drew Bennett — insisted last night that he and Sarah are “just friends.”

    But several people who know the two and have seen them together say they look very much like a couple. On Tuesday night in particular, some folks at the Corner Pub in Green Hills say Sarah and Matt were touching, hugging, flirting and looking very much like a couple.

    Matt says there is no romance.

    “We’re strictly just friends. I’ve been friends with Sarah for a long time,” said Matt, who added that he and Sarah met through Drew’s girlfriend, Heather.

    So why do people say you and Sarah are dating, Matt?

    “I’m not sure.”

    How about this canoodling with Sarah on Tuesday night?

    Matt sighs.

    “I hang out with Drew a lot, too, and I hope people don’t say we’re dating, too,” he said.

    Sarah and Matt also were spotted having dinner at Belle Meade eatery Sperry’s Friday night, and then Sarah and Matt went to a private post-Kid Rock concert party that same night at Layl’A Rul.

    Last Tuesday, the two spent quite a bit of time talking together at the Nashville Lifestyles’ Singles in the City party at the same hot spot, Layl’A Rul, though they arrived separately.

    And Sarah and Matt have been seen in a 7 a.m. spin class at the Green Hills YMCA, which is also where Travis works out. Maybe they should call the “Y” the “Triangle.” But I digress.

    Neither Sarah nor Drew returned phone calls yesterday.

    So who is this Matt guy? He grew up outside San Francisco, and has been friends with Drew Bennett since high school. But he came out to Nashville to work in a high-profile Music Row artist-management company.

    Matt, 27, left that job eight months ago to start his own sports-management company, and has worked with Drew, Titans backup quarterback Billy Volek and Predators goalie Tomas Vokoun.

    Matt also is starting an Internet company to assist with country-music artist management, and has run Drew’s charity fundraiser events here in town, including a recent wheelchair basketball game.

    His last known romantic relationship ended about five weeks ago, when he and a Nashville Lifestyles magazine ad saleswoman Liz Daniel broke off a four-month, off-and-on relationship.

    Liz declined to talk about Matt or her relationship with him, but she did say, laughing, “I’ll be happy to meet Travis.”

    Still reading? It’s Lucinda again. You don’t go to Sperry’s or Layla R’ul with “just a friend.” Travis and Sarah are through. Through! And little miss priss has already hooked up with someone else! I am aghast.

  39. I’ve visited your blog frequently for about a year now, mostly because I like your family and how you share your experiences raising your kids. I’m a little bit dissapointed about all this gossip lately… I mean who cares. I’m nobody to tell you what to blog about – god knows my blog sucks anyway – but it makes you sound like an airhead, which i’m sure you’re not. Anyway… your children/books/ideas/… give you more interesting things to talk about than shows on tv :\

  40. Ohmygod, S. Get off your high horse.

    Just because you don’t care about a television show doesn’t mean that someone who finds it entertaining sounds like an airhead.

    Beth is multifacted. She has many different interests. She would be the life of any party because she can discuss The Bachelor just as easily as childrearing or the war on Iraq.

    I hope that you will rethink your narrowminded comment and not share your negativism with other bloggers out there who branch out and have a little fun from time to time.

  41. I agree with you a little, S, and I don’t think you’re a jerk. I think maybe you inadvertabtly worded a well-intentioned post in a negative way.

    In Beth’s defense, it’s hard to deliver the deep, introspective posts day in and day out. (Well, in my own experiences anyway.) And it’s actually a little harder when people criticize what you choose to write about. It puts the pressure on to “perform” for your “audience”.

    I’m just happy to see Beth post about what she enjoys. I prefer the occasional posts that I’m not really “into” in exchange for the frequency in which she writes. But that’s just me. 🙂

  42. I think I watched two episodes before I realized he was a doctor. I dont know how that happened. When I found that out I was shocked. I thought maybe he was like a waiter or a stock boy or something. Because really to me he just seemed dumb, shallow and not all there. He never had the right words and he had a emptyness in his eyes I couldnt help but notice. That show is like crack so I had to watch it but it hurt more than hearing a cat sing while playing a violin.

  43. I got all wrapped up in this series as well, and not because of Travis (I felt like he was a lot less articulate than most of the women) but because I’m so intrigued by the relationships and interactions these women create during the show. And it’s ALWAYS better on a bachelor than the bachlorette. I was really surprised too when he chose Sarah, mainly because they were so “stiff” around each other. And Beth, you make a huge point in the last part of your post, about how much of certain relationships are “edited” to look certain ways. I think with reality tv it’s easy to forget that these are staged events, with producers standing right next to the camera-people, who knows, even telling them what to do, which way to look etc. — and that there is a great deal of editing that occurs.

    And sometimes, you just have to talk about things that aren’t really that important in the larger scheme of things. Otherwise, it’s easy for life to get way too serious!

  44. well now that travis is single again why not have a reunion with Moana and say he made a huge mistake and…..end the show with a surprise and bang!

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