Pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, green clovers and blue diamonds…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Salt Lake City, Utah -- Copyright

Salt Lake City, Utah — Copyright

This morning Kyle told me that a few little Leprechauns must have snuck into our house. And would you know, when I poured the milk for Eli and Kyle’s cereal, it magically turned green. Crazy! Then, as I poured hot water into a measuring cup for their dinosaur oatmeal, the water turned green as well. And while half-way covering his mouth in green-colored-food delight, Eli burst into the most glorious giggles. Even when Kyle saw the box of food coloring, he assured me that those silly little leprechauns must have colored our milk themselves.

Moments later, still caught up in the St.Patrick’s day fervor, Kyle came running up the stairs and with an impish look on his face and pointing at his pajamas, assured Eli that these very same leprechauns turned the rockets on his pajamas from blue to green to. I am still trying to figure out those little green guys did that.

I better go. Kyle is trying to find the green Sharpie. He wants to draw four leaf clovers all over his arms. He already tried with the Washable Markers, but we all know what happens when waters touches Washable Ink.

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