A list of Coming Attractions

Biking in our hood. Salt Lake City, Utah - Copyright CrazyUS.com
Biking in our hood. Salt Lake City, Utah – Copyright CrazyUS.com

I took this picture when my camera and I took a walk two Sundays ago. I have several more pictures from my little adventure, and I have been trying to find a moment to post them. I don’t know where my days are going, but lately they have been going, often ending with a long list of to-dos looming over my head.

For starters, I have so many things to catch you up on and here is a list of “coming attractions”:

  • My take on TomKat’s little kitten. . . And did anyone out there see the Primetime episode recently where Diane Sawyer fantastically bombarded Tom with all those Scientology questions? I still can’t get over the, Tom Cruise-Matt Lauer-Phsychology-debate clip.

    “Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt, you don’t even — you’re glib.”

    And what’s this about Tom and Operating Thetan Level VII?

  • The Sperm Gathering Room (I even took pictures)
  • Summer School: While walking home from the market, Eli asked about a certain summer school class and wondered if I could sign him up for it. You will never guess what the class is. And I am also guessing that I will need someone out there to help me find out where he can sign up.
  • Aries Three in relation to the week of April 19/20th. And actually, I don’t think an Aries Three and the week of April 19th/20th have anything to do with each other, but I happened to be channel surfing tonight when I saw Melissa Joan Hart on Access Hollywood speaking of this very same Aries Three Issue. She happens to share the same birthday as Suri Cruise, Tom and Katie’s new baby. (And yes, all roads always lead back to Tom Cruise.)

    Transcript from Access Hollywood: “Sabrina, The Teenage Witch” star Melissa Joan Hart, who shares the same birthday as Suri, explains the Aries star sign personality!

    “April 18 is, like, Aries three,” Melissa said. “So, it is like the strongest of all the signs! Most pigheaded and just very stubborn.”

  • Speaking of this crazy week (day), did you know that April 20th or 4/20 is also, National Weed Day? (As I remind Dave that today is “National Weed Day.” He asks me why we let “National Weed Day” pass us by. The he pauses and assures me that there is always next year.)
  • >MIKE
  • Spring Break 2006
  • CrazyUs needs a new spring look and that is coming too.

THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR WELL WISHES ABOUT OUR CAR BREAK-INS. YOUR THOUGHTS MEAN THE WORLD TO ME . . . This was just a start to get me writing again. I have been paralyzed by how much I have to say and how much I have to do. I feel better now.

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7 thoughts on “A list of Coming Attractions

  1. You forgot the one where Brook Shield’s baby was also born on the same day as Suri. They said it on “The View”. But I don’t know if that could be true cause wasn’t TomKat in a special silent hospital?

  2. Hey enjoy your weekend! And don’t stress about writing. Those of us who love you will still be right here waiting for you to update when you can.


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