Seventeen Minutes Until Pick-Up

September 3, 2009

My crazy Icelandic music is blaring from the basement. I imagine my boys asking me, as they often do, “Why do you always listen to Icelandic music?  You can’t even understand what they are saying?” In exactly, well in approximately seventeen minutes I need to leave. The boys are out of school and I need to be there.

I am going back and forth from Facebook to my Word document. I hear the “beep” letting me know I have email.  I check it and see it is from a good friend of mine in NYC.   Here is what he said, “”You’re awesome.  I am so glad to know you’re out there in Utah.  Really.  xo”

Here is what he was responding to, “Beth Rodgers Adams is seeing a pattern. HOT BUTTON ISSUES: Civil Rights, Abortion, Gay Rights, Health Care . . .” Yes, my Facebook status.  Three years ago most of us would not have a clue what Facebook is.  Now everyone does, even our Grandma’s.  We know our Grandma’s know what Facebook is because there have been a billion articles telling us that Facebook is taking over the world and to prove  that it is taking over the world, we are told that even our Grandma’s know what it is.

My seventeen minutes has whittled down to five and I hear my favorite Icelandic song in the background. It is called something like, “Flytorrrvig.”  The song has my required amount of appropriate crescendo combined with a beautifully earthy melody.  I sing along as if I know the words.

There are no email beeps and so I stay away from Facebook, my new addiction. Today I saw that my brother expressed his opinion on the health care crisis on a mutual friend’s Facebook page. I didn’t really agree with what he was saying and because I have not spoken to this mutual friend in years and years and years, I wanted him to know that not everyone in my family feels the same way. Instead of cleaning or ironing or working on my very long “To-Do” list, I spent the afternoon defending my Health Care Reform position.

Oops! Time to go. I am going to be late.

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