Clunky Travel Love

Clunky. Clunky. Clunky. Clunky. I have just spent the last little while trying to understand slide show software. Something that a few years ago I would have struggled with as well; however, eventually it would all make sense. Today. I am not so sure. The Internet seems to move at the speed of quadruple dog years, with technology itself moving even faster.

Ok so here is the deal. In the past four years, a majority of my time — our family’s time –has been spent traveling. I have finally been to Europe. I survived the year of the Disneyland Season Pass. We made it to California Five different times that year. I saw beautiful Maine for the first time. I bought super strength Antibiotic Ointment in Mexico and I have gone home to Minneapolis more than once. In these years I have traveled for death and traveled because we had an unexpected Swine Flu School Holiday.

We have always traveled — a lot. CrazyUS began as a travel-log. In 2002 we took a year to travel with our then one and three year old boys. As the years pass, my love for travel has exploded and my Wanderlust is nearly impossible to contain. Today I was all excited to start talking about travel and how travel is the journey I hope my life always takes. Damn it! I love to travel! Dave’s new job is in the travel industry. I am trying to work in the same industry. I get home from a trip and before my suitcases make it up to my room, I have already begun scheming our next trip.

Of course that would lean one to think the following and yes, it is true: I love escape. I am so grateful I have a life and a husband who helps me make our traveling dreams possible.

Here I was going to talk travel (I kind of have) and I was so excited to put together a little slide show and now I am stuck. I think of the days where my grandfather, who also loved to travel, by the way, would take snapshot after snapshot of his trips. Once home, as a family, we would gather around his giant old canister slide projector and look at grainy vacation photos. I never quite understood why it was such a big deal. It was an event to go to my grandparents’ house and view these slides. To a little girl, those grainy photos were boring and the slideshow long.

My guess is that my travel photos are not much more enthralling to the average viewer. It’s super cliché for me to even say it. I will. Those photos bring us back. Bring us back to the smells, the moods, the fights, the stinky feet, the new discoveries, the little snail we happen to capture crawling across a leaf, something we would not have seen had we not left our house.

Cross your fingers that I can figure this out.

3 thoughts on “Clunky Travel Love

  1. OOOooohh…I love travel too! I haven’t made it to Europe since I have married and had a child though…definitely on our list. You are absolutely right about travel photos. I can look at pics of our first cruise and remember the song that our tour guide Andrew was blaring on our open-air ride. I can remember smelling a leaf from a lime tree in Jamaica. A wonderful cosmopolitan day spent walking through Montreal.
    I may love photos more than I love travel! LOL

    My fingers are crossed!

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