Free Falling

Here I go!

CrazyUS, I can finally, I mean, finally really say after nearly five years away from you that I have actually and truly missed you! I have missed our day to day connection. I really have.

You and I both know that in the past five years I have tried to come back to you, only to get sidetracked. I guess I was not ready to rekindle. I am hoping now that the ugly emotion has faded, I can just start new with you, my long lost, beautiful blog personified, friend.

You got me through the lonely days of early motherhood. You were this amazing conduit into the online world at time where blogging was so new and so unchartered. Advertising on you would have seemed silly back then, and thinking that every single person I knew would somehow have their own blog too, seemed so completely far fetched (even if their blogging was only done on Facebook). I was so mistaken.

I am hoping, CrazyUS, that enough time has passed, that old wounds have healed or simply disappeared, and what remains is the reason I came to you in the first place. You gave me a space to put all those thoughts and opinions that were milling around in my brain and of course, I thank you!

4 thoughts on “Free Falling

  1. I have missed you too! I get excited whenever I see a new post on here!

    Been thinking about Kyle too…hope he is better!

  2. you’re not on any blogreader feed of mine; nothing. crazily, i thought about you a few times today, randomly; oddly now, seeing that you posted. i was *this* close to tweeting today the woman who “introduced” you to me. how…crazy. i’m so so glad to see you. what kismet.

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