Thanks to Bachelor Ben, Eli & Jack are having a play date

My friend Kathi and Bachelor Ben

I have not watched ABC’s The Bachelor at all this season. That being said, who am to say that I won’t. See, in those moments when I am drifting through the channels, if I land on The Bachelor, I promise you, I will stay on The Bachelor. I have completion issues. Even if I start watching an episode half way through, I will watch it to its end and if it is some delicious-Bachelory-reality television, I tell you now, I will finish the season. Bachelor Ben, there is still time.

This season, however, I really do not have to watch. See, early on The Bachelor came to town. Not only did it come to town, but the Bachelor People stayed at the hotel just down the street from me. Not only is it the hotel down the street, it is also the hotel where I have a gym membership. Celebrity sightings are a plenty. Hillary Swank nearly saw me naked in the Spa last year, for instance. No big deal, right? Right. We live in Park City, otherwise known is Little Hollywood. Ok, I have no idea if Park City has ever been referred to Little Hollywood. What I do know is that not only is Park City a major ski and vacation destination, it also hosts the Sundance Film Festival. And somehow over the years, Park City is a magnet for all sorts of Hollywood folk. As I type, the 2012 Sundance Film Festival is in full swing. Even before the festival blazed its way into town, celebrities of all different shapes and sizes were knocking at our door.

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