London Day Four: Milking the London Pass

My Tired Boys in front of Buckingham PalaceMay I start off this post by saying that when I read my notes at the end of the day I am often surprised to read about things that have already slipped my mind.

I am still liking these (bullet point) notes. I bring you Day Four:

  • Canal tour. The canal boat’s name is Jason. I like it.Coincidentally tonight when I Goolged London Pass Attractions, “Jason’s Canal Tour,” was listed as a top. See, what I am saying here is that I could have known Jason’s name before we even arrived. I didn’t and actually prefer the surprise. We were arrived in the nick of time, we were seated and on our canal-boat way. What I learned while traveling on this top-speed-of-four-miles-an-hour cruiser, is that 23,000 people live on little canal boats. I learned a lot of other information that is hiding out somewhere in my mind. I remember bits.  I remember that the Canal life, even though it looks a little low rent, is actually very expensive. I remember that our friend Kevin recently told us that he wanted to take an European canal trip. I know he can, because our tour guide, and no, I do not remember her name, said so. Oh, Oh and most importantly, I learned that  “everything” (tour guide’s words not mine) before industrial revolution was transported by canal. I question this most important fact seeing as how there were also horses, who were also moving a lot stuff around. Anyway, I think it is fair to say that our guide was close.Getting to the canal tour itself, however, was a bit more stressful. Even though Dave swears on everything before he swears out loud, one of his biggest stressors I waiting around after he is ready.  When we discuss (fight) about this issue, he claims that all of our problems would be solved the boys and I were ready to   leave our hotel room by 8:00 AM. In my mind I am slightly confused. See, sometimes he decides to sleep in and sometimes he has a conference call, for example. The consistency is a little shaky. Nevertheless, I should always be ready. He has a point. I am most often NOT ready by 8:00 AM. And even on a morning like today, when Dave woke us up at 8:35 AM, (which is unusual because I am the one usually doing the waking.)  I will take it.  And really because I could not find what I was looking for, this morning, I did make us late. While I was running to stand still, Dave suggested to the boys that we would stop for breakfast on the way to the canal. Due to the high car traffic, and the previous Canal Boat reservation, we quickly knew that there would be no breakfast. Kyle and Eli were already cranky, hungry and irritated, which was filling them with mouthfuls of useless hunger-inducing criticism aimed directly at their parents. Something had to be done. As we rode along in our happy London Cab, I rifled through my purse. I found a couple of things: A box of jaw breakers and a Clif Bar Fruit and Vegi Rope Counting out each piece from my 25 cent box of jawbreakers, I shared (that is correct) them with Dave and the boys. After insisting Kyle share half of the vegi rope with Eli, I am convinced he wanted to throw me in the canal. He heldt it together and I am still not sure he ate the vegi rope. High fives to the Canal ride. I would never ever pay for the Canal tour. With our restraints, it was well worth it. It was part of the London pass, the pass my mother-in-law had purchase, and the pass needed to be used. Considering those circumstances, the canal tour was delightful.
  • Quentin Starbucks: What I will say is that I met a delightful Starbucks manager today.  When he heard I lived in Utah the words that followed were, “I want to go to rehab there. I go to rehab about once a year.” Then he gave me my drink, pulled the paper off of a straw, stuck it in my cup and with half of the paper still attached, he twirled the rest of the paper in the most adorable way. High Fives to him!
  • Camden Food Court, otherwise known as, the Camden Locks. I do recommend Camden Locks. We also recommend Oliver and his Bit Burger. He gave me a discount on my fries they call chips, and didn’t freak out when I used a big bunch of his spicy catsup instead of regular catsup.  Warning. Please stay away from the Vegetarian Falafel place. My stomach still hurts, and the falafel was burned. The hummus was burnt tasting, which means all the garbanzo beans must have burned, and the owners were totally grumpy. Thumbs down!
  • Cab rides: Dave loves the design of the London cabs. I would concur.  I also have noticed that the London cab drivers are simply wonderful. Today’s cab driver may be my favorite. He was happily talking on his cellphone when we were stopped. Moments later we heard him singing Simon and Garfunkel.   As far as cab drivers go, a close second was this mornings driver. He was not only sensitive about the traffic. He apologized when he dropped us off. Step it up USA.
  • It is colder than I expected and I am not properly prepared.  I even checked Acuweather several times before we left. Hey and come on, it is July. It is like 375 degrees back in Utah. Anyway, in Camden I forced Dave and the boys into an H&M. I am proud to say that within ten minutes I purchased a pair of leggings, a hoodie and a sweatshirt. Kyle was even able to find himself a pair of pink sunglasses. Woot. Now I really wanted to stop at the store I see everyone carrying the bags for. It is called, “Primark.” I am convinced it is the new bigger, better, stronger, faster, cuter, brighter, H&M. I Googled it and I think I am right. Thoughts?
  • Real London people = a boyfriend and girlfriend dressed in old school punk with matching purple and pink hair.
  • At the Tate Modern: [overheard] “it’s not bad, it’s different.” A mother to her son after looking at Cubism. And then my boys started fighting in front of the Motherwell.
  • There was a 3 pm meltdown after we left the Tate as we were walking to Westminster Abbey. We arrived at Westminster Abbey in time to make it in, only to have them close the door a few minutes early. Balls!
  • After the Churchill War Museum, we stopped at a park with squirrels that were so friendly they will climb all over you. I screamed when one ran at me. We decided on the Churchill War Room, because it was close to stupid Westminster Abbey, on the London Pass, and still open. After we through the whole entry process, which included a bag check, pass scanning, and standing in a long line, we walked up to enter.  It was then that the museum worker, while simultaneously wiping it off with a wet wipe, directed us to audio guide. “oh crap!” I thought and said out loud. “You know I am not an audio-guide gal.” I politely declined, and in a show of solidarity [wink, wink] Eli did too. The museum was better than I expected.  Somewhere in the middle of all of it I sat down, and happened to sit down in front of a giant television-sized screen. Here is where I watched a movie on Churchill’s highs and lows. The movie made me made me sad and reminded me of our recent visit to Pearl Harbor. The best part was the long computer table of dates, and facts you could move around and open up. The very long table was divided into sections.  Each set of important dates was divided into its our section that you can maneuver like a mouse pad.  As Kyle and Eli educated themselves on Churchill’s life (entertained themselves and preventing a complete snap), they started to find. Computer Easter Eggs hidden in various sections. They stood at the table for an hour they went through every single tabbed date. If they found one of the careful hidden Easter Eggs, something crazy, like a plane flying across, would fill the giant screen. Good times indeed.
  • Headphones again: I had a few moments where they came in handy.
  • “Little does he know I wanted him to sit down so his wi-fi hot spot would be closer to me,” is what I thought when I asked Dave to come and sit next to me.
  • (Blindfold) – The phrase, Blow job at Covent place. Ok so after dinner we were all walking to the hotel when clear as the words are now, Kyle and I both heard the phrase, “blow job.” There was nothing to do, but sit and laugh.
  • While sitting in the bathroom tonight dealing with my uncomfortable stomach I took the following Facebook quizzes and here they are and the results. (1.) How bitchy are you? Answer:  36% bitchy. How Southern are you? Answer? 45% What state should you live in (I have taken the test a while back and the answer is the same.) Answer: New York.
  • I forgot to take the sewing machine picture for Carrie. There was a wall of sewing machines displayed in glass in Camden. I wanted to take a picture and I forgot.
  • I might also mention that we walked our way along the river and also walked our way to Buckingham Palace, where a sweet girl asked if I wanted her to take our family picture. After a saying, “no,” I took it back and said, “yes.”
  • Again I need to edit, but have officially fallen asleep while I try. I will try once more and then go to bed. I am once again the last one sleeping.




2 thoughts on “London Day Four: Milking the London Pass

  1. Best line from Day 4 recap: How bitchy are you? Answer: 36% bitchy. LOL
    I’m going to share that one with my mom, although neither of us are on Facebook. Maybe we can find it elsewhere on the web.

    London cabbies sound wonderful! A far cry from Miami when I once thought we would all die on the freeway at 85 mph! How are the rates? When we were in Seoul last summer, we cabbed it a lot (also used subway) and the meter always started around $2.40 (USD). Crazy cheap!

    I think I need to learn what a Vegi Rope is!

    Primark sounds like H&M’s cousin. Great place to grab something, as you had to due to the weather.

    Would love to see the family photo you mentioned at the end! 🙂

  2. I need to find the family photo, if we survive the night (wink wink), Andrea. Thanks again for reading and keeping abreast of things. Yes, Primark does seem like H&M’s more current cousin. Hilarious. Glad I got some stuff too. The Miami cabs sound crazy. Hey and I think you are so cool not being on Facebook. Way to go! Vegi Rope is kind of gross. I have such mixed feelings about it. 😉

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