Killarney to Dublin

Dave is front of Davy House, Dublin

I like Dave. I like that tonight we sat in our hotel bathroom so I could have a minute. “Dave, will you sit here with me? I need a minute. I will be quiet. I know it’s hard when I vent.”

“What? What’s wrong with the hotel?”

“I love the hotel! It is awesome!”

“Oh, was it because you have been sitting in the car all day?”

“Yep. You know I am ok sitting in the back. After so many hours being trapped, I just need to let it out.”

He smiled. I vented. He vented with me, and all was right in the world.

I love Dave.

Here is a little about our day. I hope you are totally not getting sick of these posts. I am writing while snuggled up in our hotel bed. Eli is lying next to me, going old school, playing his DS. He and Kyle are talking across the room. Dave is reading “Esquire.” The television is playing the Meg Ryan, Russell Crowe classic, “Proof of Life,” in the background. Grandma is staying in another room down the hall. She had cheese, grapes, cheese, and bread for dinner. Dave, the boys and I hit the Dublin streets and found some really awesome Mexican food at a restaurant called “Little Ass Burrito Bar,” made by Brazilians in Ireland. Yes, totally awesome.
Breaking it down:

  • Our last day in Killarney. I was ready to leave our Bed and Breakfast. Is it wrong to say that the magic had worn off?
  • Breakfast Memories: As we sat at our B & B breakfast (between 8:30 – 9:30 AM) we laughed as we mentioned “The Shining” shower in my and Dave’s room.  See, for our last night, Dave and I moved to our own room in the carriage house, which was just as lovely except for the scary bathroom and musty smell. Eli laughed and said, “wasn’t it more like a ‘Psycho’ shower?” To which Dave responded, “no, the little kids rode over on their trikes and opened the shower curtain.” At that I held my right index finger up to Kyle and whispered, “Redrum, redrum.” We all laughed. We needed to let off some steam. We all agreed, as lovely as the Bed and Breakfast was, as awesome as the little pony and donkey are, and as delightful as the owner is, there were definitely some hilarious horror-movie quirks. Yes, my shower did have a circa 1975-One-Flew-Over-The-Cookoo’s-Nest vibe. Eli (yes, this next part is gross) did extract a long brown hair from his scrambled eggs.  Hey, but it is a B & B, not a health code required restaurant. And the worn brown towels, I am still a little confused about them. I know it’s a picky thing, but I would have preferred white.  Now the rest of it, the land, the flowers, the big giant, lovely, wallpapered home, an incredible home on forty acres, that has remained in this Irish family for four generations is simply amazing and totally worth the stay.
  • Another note on breakfast. Somewhere in our B & B evaluation, I went rogue and used the giant porridge spoon for the teaspoon. And as we listened to the music playing in the background, I sang a song, “I lost my tea in Glengariff,” because I did. I did lose my green tea in Glengariff.  As I sung my homespun tune, I decided like everyone else in Ireland, that I would make my own music CD, and just like everyone else I would sell each copy for ten Euros on the side of the road, or on the steps of the Cliffs of Moher overlook.  Ok and so by the time our Adams family breakfast dialog was coming to an end. My music CD had evolved to a band of musicians playing in a pub instead of the side of the road. Of course there would be a dulcimer, lute, banjo, and a harp.
  • Grandma is here. I don’t write much about extended family anymore because, well, I don’t want to get into it. Anyway, Grandma is here, and she has been the most major part of the journey. We see here and are glad she is here.
  • My grocery list: Stain remover, solvent, soap, black food coloring
  • You know, that whole letting go thing?
  • Proudest parenting moment. Because I birthed someone who communicates like me. In all honesty I don’t know if it is parenting or genetics, but I am THRILLED!  These are the words I heard and I am tickled, “Mom, I don’t need you to do anything, I just need you to listen.”.
  • Remember I am the mom ❤
  • Cahir, Ireland Public Toilet Experience. I pulled a long, old chain attached to a box, which was attached to ceiling. That was a first.
  • A perfect and unexpected lunch
  • Cahir
  • No giant hands sign. Good one, Kyle.
  • So much cow and sheep poop at the Rock of Cashel and the abandoned Abbey across the street from the Rock of Cashel.
  • We didn’t pay to get into an historical site. That was awesome.
  • We made it to Dublin and that is where we decompressed.
  • Made Dave sit and talk in the bathroom. He was worried until he realized all is well I simply needed to blow off steam
  • Eli was Facetiming while sitting in hotel tub.
  • “Men At Work” remix was playing as we waited outside for our food at Little Ass Burrito, Dublin. Food was great! I want to go back.
  • Dave and Kyle got ice cream on the way back.
  • Our hotel is right by Grafton Street, which is so cool and makes me very happy. It is nice to be here.


2 thoughts on “Killarney to Dublin

  1. Squee! I’ve been to Kilarney and Cahir and Cashel Rock! My extended family is from Dublin. I recommend going to Kevin’s Kitchen (it’s an ancient church) and checking out where the Sheela na gig goes. Or not. Maybe feminist landmarks will bore the boys (who, btw, are postively ancient looking themselves!). Downtown Dublin is fantastic. I loved it when I was there and would walk around alone for hours. I used to go to a great restaurant that served lots of middle eastern and vegetarian fare. But, that was 20 years ago and I haven’t got a clue what road it was on. Anyhoo. Have fun 🙂

  2. Hey Leanne. Squee is right! All of it is so lovely cool. That is awesome about your extended family. What are their favorite places? Wait. You’ve told me some. I only wish we had more time. I love your feminist landmarks. Very cool. Downtown Dublin is fantastic indeed. I could walk around here for hours as well. Tonight one of Dave’s biking buddies, who lives in Dublin part time, took us out to a lovely organic wine bar restaurant. It was delightful and I only wish I knew its name. I call my forgetfulness travel brain. It’s been a long one and things aren’t sticking. It took me forever to keep Cahir and Cashel glued to my mind. Kind of hilarious! Thanks for checking in 🙂 I am happy to see how connected you are to this place.

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