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My Travel Advice: Learn From US

Ah-ha, it is not the trip, or even the place. It is the “us.” It is not what we do; it is how we do it.  I am still crossing my fingers, but our travel has never been the same. ...Read More

An Ars Poetica to Travel Writing

As Eli and I sit in the huge hotel dining room amidst the new construction and amber-colored dangling glass pendant lights, I think about travel. I look around and listen to the sounds. People are traveling here from everywhere. There is the Brazilian family ...Read More

Standing Safely in the Steps of Another Person’s Horror

Wednesday, February 11, 2015, I traveled, along with Kyle, Eli, and my lovely and long-time friend Emily, from Rome to Barcelona, landing of course in Barcelona’s El Prat Airport. We flew a low-cost European carrier, Iberian owned, Vueling Airlines. As my boys correct me, ...Read More

Hawaii: Out of Body

The only way to describe it is, “Out of Body.”  When we were planning our trip, I looked at the big world map. Thought about what I saw and then I looked again, staring at this tiny speck in the middle of the Pacific ...Read More