The Vacation is over

Southern California - Copyright

Southern California – Copyright

We are headed back to Los Angeles and in a few short hours, we will be getting on a plane. Our trip started with Wilmer Valderrama (a weird full circle story I must tell) and I am not sure how it will end. Moments ago I found Kyle’s stuffed toy, Oliver under the bed and then I proceeded to crawl under the dusty floor to retrieve little Oliver. What a mother will do.

The kids are eating yogurt and we are packing up. It was nice to stay on the beach and play in the sand. I will miss the ocean waves, the sunshine, Trader Joes, the excellent Mexican food and the beach lifestyle. Disney Land was better than I expected and Lego Land didn’t do it for me. I think my favorite parts were watching baby seals with Kyle, playing on the beach with Eli and building sand castles with everyone. Thank you Alan and Kat for the lovely accommodations. You guys rule.

I took at least 600 pictures and haven’t been able to post them. Tonight I will. Now we better cross our fingers and hope that we come home to and untouched house. (Eli had a dream that someone stole all his stuffed animals while we were away.) Have a nice Tuesday.

(Oh, and Wawa we are excited to see you!)


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