11 thoughts on “BlogHer.com

  1. Last year I was a walking udder and did not go. This year I’m SO freaking going and I’m SO excited about it. I hope to learn lots and meet some of the amazing women that I’ve been talking to online for ages. 🙂

  2. What’s blogher?

    Is there be a session for blog groupies?
    “Hi, I don’t have a blog, just came to meet the bloggers”

  3. Didn’t go last year. Barely knew what a blog was (besides You and Dooce). Am going this year and can’t hardly wait. Please go. If you go, celebrity citings are bound to happen. Hell, Oren Hatch might just show up as a surprise guest speaker.

    p.s. Hope you’re feeling better. You’ve had one hell of a year. All my best.

  4. the glass is full to the brim on this one baby. GOOD times! GREAT people. it is like really smart hot chicks at summer camp with laptops and tequila.


  5. Hurry and sign up for BlogHer Day Two! Day One is sold out, but not the all important Day One cocktail party as well as the absolutely critical Day Two cocktail party. Two fine words: cocktail…party.

    Orrin Hatch as a guest speaker…am trying to wrap my arms around that concept. Will not, however, wrap my arms around Orrin Hatch.

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