Breakfast with the Boys

The Boys

“Has anyone seen my pile of credit cards?” Dave says
as Justin asks, “Do you want an egg?”
I respond, “”no.”
To which Justin responds, “I’ll scramble it.”

Kevin sits quietly reading, Outside Magazine, as Dave frantically weaves in out and out of the kitchen. Justin just burned his croisant and I ask him, “are you making a Croissan’wich?”

The Original Burger King Croissan’wich
Justin’s Croissan-wich 2012

“Yes. The Croissan’wich was popularized in the mid 1980s.” He inserts as he shakes a little salt and and pepper onto to his eggy creation.”

The I ask Justin, “What did I just ask you?”
Justin laughs, “Is this Cheese and sausage?” He laughs. “Really the question is, is it is cheese or a sausage blog?”

Now that is a good question and instead of answering that question I continue to type and wonder what Kevin is reading about so I will ask. As I start to ask, Justin comes and sits next to me. I am transfixed with his Croissan’wich and I forget to ask. Kevin gets up and asks with Croisant in hand, “How long do I toast this thing without burning it?”

Justin gives him some advice and before Justin can take a bite I ask him to model his sandwich for me. From somewhere outside of the kitchen I here Dave say to the lady on the phone, “I will hand the phone to my wife and she will give you the information you need.” As he enters the kitchen he then hands me the phone and tells me that I need to talk to the lady and I do.

As I continue typing, Lisa at the Credit card company is explaining to me that over the next sixteen billing cycles I can earn earn 750 airline miles blah blah blah because I am listening to Dave explain to Justin what I am doing.

And this is a tiny glimpse into Guy’s Weekend. Every Mid-January a different variety of dudes show up at our house to play board games and ski. Every year Dave has a new board game, I get the rooms ready, pull out the guest coffee maker (I drink Green Tea). And the one constant is that every year you know Justin (Dave’s lifelong BFF) will be here and because you know Justin will be here, everyone is happy.

Justin making his Croissan’wich

8 thoughts on “Breakfast with the Boys

  1. If you have a croissan’wich for breakfast, you have to have a McRib for lunch. That’s the rule. And you can pay for it with a credit card and get the miles.

  2. otherB, It may be a Junior Bacon Cheeseburger and if I am feeling really crazy I think the Seven Layer Burrito could be in my future. Of course I would use the credit card. I just hope it is the right credit it card because it is always changing. 🙂

  3. Melissa, that is so terrible and equally awesome. The pictures just keep going and going. I am guessing that Justin’s Croissan’wich was much better than the competition. he he he

  4. And I didn’t burn my crossain’wich, which is why Beth didn’t have much to say about me…

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