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My Words. My Story.

Preface. I wrote this post last night.  I told Dave that I would not post it online, and would keep it with all my other working-out-my-religion posts.  Please know I never want to offend. That is why I try to leave my beliefs offline.  Also ...Read More

How Can I Stop Time?

Forward: This has been week filled with heartbreaking news. Monday evening, February 1, I began this post.  At the time I did not know that our most awesome friend Steve had died, or about the sudden illness and passing of my mom’s and Harvey’s sweet and ...Read More

Lying Beside Me

  Here in the dark. Hearing our laptops hum At night. Not so softly I ask you, what I should write. You say, “Um, I do not know.” Imagine those words sung to the melody of Journey’s “Open Arms.” Sadly, Dave did not sing ...Read More

Another Reason We Travel: I like to move.

I don’t know if it is hormones, onion layers or simply human nature. There is no question that I feel more resolved and more peaceful today than I ever have. And now, even in those crazy moments, I know I can talk myself off ...Read More

The Flammulated Owl & having a voice that carries

There we were, with our friend, Markus. He had driven up from Salt Lake City and was looking for a good Flammulated Owl calling spot. He thought the trails behind our house would work well. He began to explain, “I took a group here ...Read More

Thank you Mr. Borgerding!

In high school and then again in college I always managed to get myself into the Creative Writing classes. And thanks to Roman Borgerding, my twelfth grade Creative Writing/Poetry teacher, I learned to love writing and reading poetry. In fact, I can singlehandedly thank ...Read More