Target, Chick-fil-A and a Farty

Dave & I at dinner with our lovely friends

After spending a long and most delightful weekend with dear old friends I knew I would be able to handle the very late weekend nights because I would have this Monday morning to catch up on lost sleep. I was giddy with the thought that as soon as my family was out the door, I could go right back to sleep. Decadence!  I kissed Dave, Kyle and Eli good-bye, told them that I loved them and they were on their way. I quickly ate my oatmeal, drank my green tea, sent an email to my fellow room-mom/pal about our upcoming Valentine’s Day Class Party, emptied my bladder and climbed back in bed.

Snuggly and warm I was as I drifted off into my daylight slumber.  Through my sleepy, sleepy haze I heard the buzz buzz buzz of my phone vibrating across my night stand. I thought about ignoring it and then I worried that maybe Dave was having an emergency. It had to be Dave because  I knew the school would not text me. I picked up my phone and looked at my text. It was my good friend.  She wanted to know if I would accompany her on a Salt Lake City Target run. Yes, we have to go to Salt Lake City because Park City is way to lame to have its very own Target. They would rather we risk life and limb driving down Parley’s Canyon than accomodate the locals and tourists alike. And no, The Park City Walmart does not suffice.

I asked her to go without me and turned over.  Then, because she is a very good friend and because I am easily swayed when it comes to a Target run, I texted her again.  She told me she was having a rough morning.  I had a feeling.

“I need to hop in the shower.” I said.

“I will pick you up in a half an hour.” She replied and shortly thereafter we were out the door.
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