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I wanted to take a family picture

I sent a message in our sibling group text. I said something like, “at our dinner Friday evening I hope we can take some sibling group photos.” Of course I thought to myself: I bet mom would love it if we took a picture ...Read More

Traveling to London: Non-Traditional Families

Last week I found myself sitting in the Salt Lake City airport waiting for our departing flight. I was excited to learn that Dave and I had been upgraded to first class. My period had started hours before and I was excited to have ...Read More

If You Are in Crisis, TEXT #741741

Earlier this week, a friend posted this: “I don’t have any answers but I do know this: (1.) death is just a doorway; (2.) it always gets better; (3.) love is the answer to all of our problems.”  ...Read More

Thinking of Michelle

It was a really weird, last-minute-holiday-shopping type of day. I was buying Christmas and Kyle’s Birthday presents. With the Winter Solstice staring me in the face, it was dark early and I must admit that I let the darkness creep inside too. I was ...Read More

Gunnel Starting our Sandwich Generation

(I know I said I would continue our Stevens-Johnson Syndrome Story. I have a lot already written and ready to post. It will have to wait until tomorrow). October 30, 2006. Dave, the boys and I were in our hotel room at the Beaverton, ...Read More